C-Series centrifugal and universal twin screw series pumps 

The C-Series centrifugal pumps from SPX Flow are designed for sanitary or industrial processes. The range incorporates long-life components, a variety of seal options and the option of a sealed impeller design. This option improves concentricity for reduced vibration and eliminates wear between impeller and shaft. The universal twin screw pumps ensure efficient operation over a wide range of operating speeds and pressures. They can be used for multiple duties (process and CIP) and provide bi-directional flow capability without modification, reducing the number of pumps and valves required.

800-252-5200; www.spxflow.com


High shear mixer offers high-speed batch mixing

Admix’s Rotosolver high-shear mixer allows 100% wetting out of powders and has an easy-to-clean design. The 3-A-compliant design offers high-speed batch mixing, improved dispersion and reduced energy consumption for volumes up to 10,000 gallons. The mixer is ideal for processors interested in concentrating the solids level in batches while reducing mixing times, and preventing fisheyes and rafting on the top of the vessel.

800-466-2369; www.admix.com/dairyfoods   


Shrinksealer delivers high speed for food, beverages

PDC International Corp.’s 90CX-ER Shrinksealer is designed for the fast, continuous application of tamper-evident seals and shrink-sleeve neck labels. The system applies neck bands up to 500 containers per minute. Engineered for rugged 24/7 performance, the system features an enhanced, ultra-heavy-duty central drive system that’s vibration-free at high revolutions per minute. Bottle sizes range from 3-milliliter pharma vials to 1.75-liter glass liquor bottles.

203-853-1516; www.pdc-corp.com


Pressure and level sensor features rugged design

The Anderson-Negele L3 pressure and level transmitter has been designed to measure process pressure or hydrostatic level in sanitary process applications. The system has a new temperature compensation strategy which optimizes performances in hot and highly dynamic systems. This feature is said to result in fewer errors in fluid food and hot fill applications. The system features an easy-to-use graphical display interface which reduces reliance on a manual during start-up and commissioning.

800-833-0081; www.Anderson-Negele.com


Weighing solution for high-performance applications

WeighPack’s PrimoCombi 0.5L multihead weigher consists of sturdy 304 stainless steel construction. The open frame assembly leaves no small crevices for bacteria to hide, making the system ideal for applications with stringent sanitation standards. The weigher is available in 10 and 14 weigh-bucket combinations. It utilizes an advanced CAN bus wiring system, housing all electrical components remotely and eliminating any risk of damage during cleaning. A tool-less adjustable hopper is said to make loading product easy and convenient.

702-450-0808; www.weighpack.com


LED explosion-proof light

Archon Industries offers a UL-listed LED explosion-proof light for process vessel observation. The model EX99-LED is designed for use in hazardous locations and provides bright illumination of vessel contents using high-power CREE COB LED technology. The unit uses high-grade optics and operates continuously, offering high reliability and safety, even in harsh environments. It is offered with mounting brackets or a tri-clamp mounting adapter, if required.

800-554-1394; www.archonind.com


High-efficiency process chiller

Delta T Systems’ industrial process chillers are used with jacketed vessels to make cold water in dairy processing plants.  The chiller can control temperatures within one-half degree. The design of the variable speed compressor can produce up to 50% energy savings over alternative systems, which can pay for the chiller in less than three years, according to the manufacturer. Controls allow for cloud-based remote management of suction and discharge temperatures and pressures, water temperatures and pressures, tank level and other inputs.

262-628-0331; www.deltatsys.com