High-speed disperser/emulsifier eliminates burn-on

The DynaShear inline high-speed disperser/emulsifier from Admix is used in many dairy applications to eliminate burn-on in HTST plate heat exchangers. The two-stage rotor/stator action instantly eliminates undispersed gums, stabilizers, proteins and sweeteners in a single pass with reduced batch times and air entrainment. The barrier flush seal allows intermittent “running dry” instances common during CIP. With flow rates up to 10,000 GPH and high-shear rates, the DynaShear delivers smooth chocolate milk, ice cream mix, buttermilk, yogurt, egg nog, cheese starter and beverages, according to the company. When installed immediately upstream of inline strainers or HTST balance tanks, the system ensures strainers do not clog, and that pump, valve and homogenizer seal/gasket life is extended. It is CIP and meets 3-A standard #36-01.

800-466-2369; www.admix.com/dairy


Pick direct steam injection for HTST processing

Pick Heater’s direct steam injection heaters use culinary steam to quickly heat dairy products to the desired temperature. Direct steam injection blends the product stream with the higher-pressure steam using a multiple-orifice injector. Because the steam has intimate contact with the product, the direct steam injection method maximizes heat transfer with the shortest hold time and least protein denaturing compared to other heating methods, according to the company.  HTST processing with this system helps maintain product color. It can also speed up the manufacturing of products such as process cheeses and soft natural cheeses. This system can process a wide variety of slurries to a desired set point. It can accommodate steam capacities from 150 pounds-per-hour nominal to 10,000 pounds-per-hour nominal, and slurry flow rates of ½-gpm to 100-gpm or more, depending on process conditions.

800-233-9030; www.pickheaters.com


High-efficiency separation for food and beverage production

Through its Seital brand,SPX Flow has developed the Series Se-St automatic standardization unit that uses top-performance instruments and valves to provide the full control of milk and cream concentration coming out from a separator. Besides the continuous control of the standardized milk and cream-fat content the Se-St units can also provide a proportional dosing of additives. The system includes a touchscreen interface with the chance of working on recipes set by the operator. The unit is available as a standalone module or integrated in a new separator.

800-252-5200; www.spxflow.com


Custom small-scale pasteurizers and more

MicroThermics’ small-scale UHT/HTST/aseptic processors and pasteurizers can eliminate failed plant trials and can reduce costs, according to the company. New this year, the company offers custom small-scale pasteurizers, more powerful control systems and aseptic laboratory fillers. The pasteurizers and processors have flow rates of 0.5 to more than 6 L/Min. The equipment, services and process matching technology ensures the process used in a lab, is the same as in the plant. 

919-878-8045; www.microthermics.com


Reconditioning services for homogenizer components

Litre Service Inc. provides reconditioning services for homogenizer components: blocks/heads, pistons, valves, cylinder liners/sleeves and crankshafts. All units are hard-chromed following repairs, extending wear tolerance and usability. With capabilities of reconditioning units quickly and cost-effectively, the company says it can restore homogenizer components to better-than-new condition.

800-824-8868; www.litreservice.com


High-capacity homogenizer reduces energy consumption

The Tetra Pak homogenizer 500 can produce up to 63,600 liters per hour (16,800 gallons per hour), offering outstanding product quality. The machine features the company’s HD EnergyIQ, a homogenizing device that uses six gaps, rather than one, enabling it to operate at pressures around 20% lower than standard machines, while delivering the same quality end product. The result is a significant reduction in energy consumption and considerably reduced costs. In addition, the lower operating pressure means lower wear. The design also allows easy service access. The machine also uses 80% less cooling water and 70% less steam compared to many alternative brands, according to the company.

847-955-6088; www.tetrapakusa.com


Rotary magnet for sanitary powder processing

Powder Process-Solutions’ USDA dairy-accepted rotary magnet is designed to remove ferrous and weakly charged magnetic particles from product flows that tend to bridge and clog stationary magnetic grates. Inlet design concentrates product flow over the highest-strength section of the magnets. The ledge-free interior means there are no areas for powder to accumulate. A demountable design allows the magnet rotor to be removed from the housing for cleaning, without tools, while it’s safely supported by a slide rail system out of the product stream. 

877-933-2556; www.powder-solutions.com


Small footprint robotic palletizer

Quest Industrial’s Boxed-Bot is a space-saving fully functional robotic palletizer. Its footprint is less than 8 feet by 10 feet and comes with QBox software. Training takes an average of 15 minutes and operators can just click and drag to change patterns, rotate/flip layers, change product sizes, and even adjust pallet sizes. Or, the QBox can automatically create the most efficient pallet patterns, based on product dimensions.

608-325-5850; www.questindustrial.com