Press release - With WeighPack’s PrimoCombi 0.5L multihead weigher, it is said that operators have less to learn, technicians simplify troubleshooting, managers enjoy more uptime and executives benefit from lower operating costs. With a vast array of differentiating features, the PrimoCombi both challenges the current view of weighing automation and provides a glimpse into the future of packaging innovation.

The system’s structural design, highly suitable for the food and dairy industries, consists of sturdy 304 stainless steel construction.  Open frame assembly leaves no small crevices for bacteria to hide, making the system ideal for applications with stringent sanitation standards. The PrimoCombi, available in 10 and 14 weigh-bucket combinations, utilizes an advanced CAN bus wiring system, housing all electrical components remotely and eliminating any risk of damage during cleaning.

A tool-less adjustable hopper makes loading product easy and convenient. Vibratory pan feed mechanisms and stagger dump settings also ensure that product freely flows through the machine. By using a combination of 3 to 5 weigh-buckets, the PrimoCombi maintains accuracy to one one-hundredth of a gram and eliminates excess product giveaway. For certain production requirements, the system is also capable of sorting and mixing.

The PrimoCombi comes standard with a Windows 360 Operating System that can be easily interfaced with any ERP/MRP software. This feature allows for a complete operational overview, remote control of machine functionality and total reporting transparency.

It’s a compact, complete weighing solution designed for high performance applications and tight accuracy requirements. By combining sound engineering with simple auxiliary integration and a customizable user interface, the PrimoCombi provides a comprehensive weighing solution.

SOURCE: Paxiom