As health and nutrition experts continue to advise consumers to boost their intake of foods rich in soluble dietary fiber, food manufacturers of all types have expanded their fiber-rich offerings. Among them: dairy companies looking to emphasize the nutrient-dense attributes of their products, including high amounts of soluble fiber.

While manufacturers ramp up their R&D efforts to create high-fiber yogurts and dairy-based drinks, TIC Gums has bolstered its own ingredients for such applications. For example, increased demand for probiotic/prebiotic applications recently spurred TIC Gums to create a complete line of high-fiber yogurt stabilizers.

One of those new stabilizers is TIC Pretested(r) Dairyblend YG FB 3, comprised of a unique blend of hydrocolloids and modified food starch. The gum blend provides four grams of fiber per serving, while allowing for a creamy, heavy-set body preferred by yogurt manufacturers and their consumers.

"TIC Pretested(r) Dairyblend YG FB 3 excels in its flexibility to harsh processing conditions and a higher fiber content," explains Dan Grazaitis, TIC Gums food scientist who worked on development and testing of the gum system. "This product reflects manufacturers' ongoing search for truly tailored and targeted solutions."

TIC Pretested(r) Dairyblend YG FB 3 has a typical usage level of between 4.0 and 6.0 percent. For samples or more information, please call (800) 899-3953 or