High-sensitivity X-ray inspection systems

Anritsu’s new high-sensitivity XR75 series X-ray inspection systems are  designed to provide great performance with a reduced total cost of ownership, according to the company. The XR75 incorporates the company’s all new technology to increase the lifetime of critical system components by 300%, including the X-ray tube/generator and detector. The system features an enhanced sanitary design with angled surfaces for water run-off, removable curtains for easy cleaning and Anritsu’s signature tool-less belt removal. Operators will benefit from easier setup and simplified menu structures.

866-200-5276; www.detectionperfection.com


Redesign, solid 316 stainless steel cartridge magnet

Bunting Magnetics Co.’s new NUHI Cartridge Magnet is completely redesigned to address the processing challenges manufacturers face. The magnet – with neo ultra-high intensity – is 25% stronger and delivers 50% more reach out than the company’s previous cartridge design. The result is more power, a purer product and better plant efficiency. The cartridge is built of solid 316 stainless steel and is standard on the company’s magnetic separation products including its HF drawer filters and grate magnets.

800-835-2526; www.buntingmagnetics.com


Metal detectors with a simultaneous multifrequency operation

Fortress Technology’s Interceptor line of metal detectors utilizes a simultaneous multifrequency operation and effectively processes the transmission and reception of multiple frequencies continuously over a broad spectrum. This operation facilitates an improvement in detection capabilities of up to 100% with stainless steel, especially when inspecting traditionally difficult wet products. The Interceptor provides food producers, especially dairy, a cost-effective option to X-ray technology. It is manufactured with a unique noise immunity structure, so effects from external electrical noise have been dramatically reduced, thereby lowering the occurrence of false rejects and increasing the return on investment.

888-220-8737; www.fortresstechnology.com


X-ray system for inspection of packed dairy products

Sesotec’s new Raycon D X-ray system has been developed especially for the inspection of packed products such as cheese, yogurt cups and other dairy products. The special system design allows easy cleaning and servicing. Beveled surfaces, for example, guarantee that water can run off freely. The belt can be replaced by one person within only two minutes without using any tools. The system is easy to operate, featuring a state-of-the-art image processing technology and direct-touch control panel, automatic product learning function and an image zoom function.

224-208-1900; www.sesotec.com


Metal detector for inspecting liquid, slurry dairy products

Mettler Toledo has expanded the applications of its Profile Advantage metal detector with the new Profile Advantage Pipeline Metal Detector. The Pipeline applies the technology to inspecting piped products for metal contamination. The system can be used to inspect liquid and slurry dairy products. The multisimultaneous frequency technology achieves extremely high levels of sensitivity by analyzing product signal data captured across a wide spectrum of frequencies simultaneously. This capability reduces the product effect caused by moisture and temperature changes in products being inspected, reducing false rejects.

800-881-0840; www.mt.com


Rotary magnet for sanitary powder processing

Powder Process-Solutions’ USDA-Dairy accepted rotary magnet is designed to remove ferrous and weakly charged magnetic particles from product flows that tend to bridge and clog stationary magnetic grates. The inlet design concentrates product flow over the highest strength section of the magnets. The ledge-free interior means no areas for powder to accumulate. The demountable design allows the magnet rotor to be removed from housing, without tools, while it’s safely supported by a slide rail system out of the product stream for cleaning.  Precision, machined fit housing and an endplate provide leak-free operation with no gasket to maintain.

877-933-2556; www.powder-solutions.com


X-ray system accommodates wider, taller packages

The Thermo Scientific NextGuard C500 X-ray detection system features an aperture that is 35% wider and 50% taller than previous models, making it well suited to inspect larger-sized products and cases. However, the machine footprint is only 20-30% larger, optimizing production floor space. The company’s performance-oriented features also have been driven by a changing industry landscape. These include evolving HACCP standards, increased use of metalized film packaging (which is problematic for metal detectors) and various wet or semi-frozen foods (cheese, ice cream) that do not lend themselves to metal detection due to product effect issues. 

763-783-2500; www.thermoscientific.com/productinspection


Checkweighing, metal detection mounted in single compact design

The checkweigher/Fortress metal detector combination systems feature Yamato’s precise load cell technology delivering great accuracy and high-speed weighing. The integrated Fortress metal detector provides high-sensitivity metal detection for all ferrous, nonferrous and stainless-steel metal contaminants. The Yamato/Fortress Combo is mounted on a single frame for efficient space savings and is an easy-to-clean design. The combined system merges two top technologies necessary for safety compliance in all food industries. IP69 and IP67 fabrication models are also available. Conveyors and belts can be cleaned and removed without tools.

262-236-0000; www.yamatoamericas.com

Metal detector for harsh applications

Eriez's Xtreme Metal Detector Enhanced Platform is recommended for the harshest applications, according to the company. The metal detector has a completely re-designed and user-friendly interface that is ETL/CSA/CE-approved. It is also certified for the harshest of washdown environments with an IP69K designation. Highlights include easy set-up, dedicated reject log and event log.

888-300-3743; www.eriez.com