Energy-efficient brushless DC electric gearmotors

Brother Gearmotors showcased its new line of Brushless DC electric gearmotors at Process Expo in September. The gearmotors are cost-effective, compact and long-lasting. They offer several advantages over brushed DC motors, including being virtually maintenance-free, lubricated and sealed for life. They are extremely configurable with several shaft configurations, and custom options are available. They are also highly efficient, which is further enhanced with quiet helical and hypoid gearing. The brushless motors are designed to work with an OEM’s own design drive or standard brushless drives from Brother with features such as adjustable acceleration, deceleration, open- or closed-loop operation, current-limiting and other performance and safety features. 



Megapress fittings for IPS stainless steel

Viega introduced MegaPress stainless press fittings, which can help reduce the time required to make pipe repairs compared to other pipe joining systems. Designed for iron pipe-size stainless steel, the new fittings make secure connections in seven seconds or less, reducing installation time by up to 60% compared to welding or threading, according to the company. They are equipped with the patented Viega Smart Connect feature, which allows installers and maintenance personnel to easily identify unpressed connections during pressure testing.



Combo checkweigher and metal detection systems

Anritsu showcased new checkweighers and metal detectors at Process Expo. Its integrated checkweighers and new M6 Dual Wave metal detectors assure accurate weighing and metal detection, plus product safety compliance and low cost of ownership. The combo systems are available in several different formats, including washdown, high-accuracy and economy, to suit all different production environments.



Efficient industrial process chiller

Delta T Systems designed a new chiller series. The integration of variable-speed drive technology into the control system allows the company’s chillers to adjust their output to specifically match process requirements. This technology could help reduce electricity consumption and save on costs, according to the company. The chillers feature variable-speed compressor technology, state-of-the-art controls technology and flexible remote communication options.