I love goat’s milk cheese but I never tried candy made with goat’s milk. Well, there’s a first time for everything.

These caramels are from a family farm in Indiana called Goat Milk Stuff which uses milk from their pasture-fed Alpine goats to make caramels in three flavors: chocolate, cinnamon and salted caramel.

I was a bit apprehensive about eating these candies because goat’s milk has a strong flavor. But there was nothing to worry about.

Not enough sea salt; just the right amount of cinnamon

I thought the cinnamon flavor was just right. The spice was not overpowering. The salted version needed a little more salt to offset the sweetness. The caramels have a bit of a crusty shell, which I liked. The candies melted in my mouth.

Goat Milk Stuff uses raw goat’s milk, GMO-free organic cane sugar, light corn syrup, butter, vanilla extract and sea salt.

You can buy the candies on the web at GoatMilkStuff.com. 10 pieces are $10. 20 pieces in a pretty red gift box are $27. The company also makes goat milk soaps and lotions.

Caramel lovers will like these candies from Goat Milk Stuff

Bottom line: Caramel lovers and others with a sweet tooth will love these candies. Consider sending these candies to your friends and business associates. They might appreciate this unique gift.