Today I’m tasting horchatas from Elmhurst Naturals.

Horchatas are popular nondairy beverages in Hispanic communities, typically made with water, rice, sugar and flavors.  
Elmhurst Naturals is made by Steuben Consumer Products. It uses water, low-fat milk, sugar, rice starch and flavorings.
It makes 3 versions. Vanilla,  cocoa and dulce de leche, or caramel.
I tried the vanilla and the caramel flavors. Both were very good. The vanilla is made with cinnamon. The 2 flavors work well together. The caramel version is not too sweet. 
The horchatas  are refreshing. They don’t coat your mouth with a film of cream like a glass of milk does.
A 10-ounce bottle sells for about $2 to $2.50. Elmhurst Naturals is trying to reach a wider audience with its version of these flavored beverages. You can find their horchatas in 7-11 stores and major grocery chains.
Bottom line: I’d buy this product and keep a few bottles in the fridge for when I want an afternoon snack.