Customizable yogurt cultures

DSM’s Greek Legends is a range of customizable yogurt cultures for creating dairy products, such as Greek yogurt and other indulgent, thick and creamy dairy desserts. These next generation yogurt cultures support dairy producers in developing or reformulating high-protein products with unique taste and texture. Whether a dairy producer is looking to create sweeter or creamier yogurt, or desires a firmer texture, the company said it has a solution. The cultures enable to extend product shelf-life due to the high pH stability, adding further value to producers.



Fast fermenting cultures for fresh dairy products

The Ingredient House’s new Golden Time Cultures are fast fermenting cultures for fresh dairy products. The cultures can be used to significantly reduce the time it takes to produce fresh dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese or sour cream, according to the company. These products have been designed to shorten fermentation time, provide high safety and premium organoleptic profiles. The cultures are distributed by The Ingredient House and manufactured by its partner, SoyuzSnab.