As a forerunner in the global dairy industry Chr. Hansen unveils “A culture for every culture.”

As a forerunner in the global dairy industry Chr. Hansen unveils “A culture for every culture.” premium culture solutions for all needs Chr. Hansen now introduces YoFlex Express, YoFlex Advance and YoFlex Harmony, the next generation of the company’s popular range of cultures for yoghurt and fermented milks.

“At Chr. Hansen we are constantly working on providing the market with new cultures that meet the requirements for high quality, uniformity, safety and flexibility in modern yogurt production. Listening to and understanding regional market needs and conditions has been the main driver in developing the third generation of our YoFlex cultures,” says Morten Boesen, marketing manager, fermented milk cultures, Chr. Hansen.

The global yogurt market, estimated at 20 million tons, is growing in volume by 4 to 6% every year, according to the business intelligence service Euromonitor International. “With the new YoFlex range for yogurt and fermented milks, we are introducing premium culture solutions for all needs. The cultures are designed to individually cover different needs in the global market and jointly cover as widely as possible,” Boesen says.

Based on the well-known DVS (direct vat set) concept ensuring quality, consistency and control of the production process the new range is divided into three parts: YoFlex Express, YoFlex Advance and YoFlex Harmony.  

YoFlex Express cost-efficiently increases the speed of fermentation without compromising on the mildness, quality and stability of acidity in the yogurt throughout shelf life.

YoFlex Advance improves both the viscosity and creaminess of the finished product. This also allows for an improvement in the quality of low- and full-fat yogurt, and a further advantage is the opportunity for cost effective and clean label solutions since the need for stabilizer and/or milk protein can be significantly reduced.

YoFlex Harmony addresses the challenges posed by sub-optimal storage conditions so that changes to the yogurt during storage, primarily pH changes (souring), are avoided. This increases the production process efficiency as well as consumer satisfaction. Chr. Hansen’s strong international development organization in combination with its competence level within selection and characterization of lactic acid bacteria and composing of unique cultures has been the backbone in the development of the new range.

“We have developed the new cultures partly in our research centers in Denmark and France, and partly in collaboration with certain customers, who have so far responded very positively,” explains Boesen. “A key element in the global roll-out of YoFlex Express, YoFlex Advance and YoFlex Harmony will in fact be the emphasis on matching customer requirements from development through process to end-product. This will to a large extent take place at our local application centers in all regions.”

At the upcoming Food Ingredients Europe 2009 on Nov. 17-19 in Frankfurt, Germany, Chr. Hansen will be showcasing the new range as well as a number of other new inventions.

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