Whey protein plus calcium ingredient for seniors

Arla Foods Ingredients’ Nutrilac Ageless is a new whey protein and calcium ingredient concept that allows dairy companies to produce 100% natural whey protein and calcium-rich stirred yogurts and fermented desserts that can appeal to older consumers.

908-604-8551; www.arlafoodsingredients.com

Chicory root fiber for sugar-reduced foods

Beneo’s Orafti oligofructose prebiotic fiber can be used to reduce sugar in dairy foods. Derived from chicory root, it has a naturally sweet taste with a sweetening power of up to 65%. Oligofructose is a non-GMO, low-calorie and low-glycemic ingredient. The nutritional fiber enrichment and prebiotic effect of using oligofructose supports digestive health, the company states.

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Dairy culture maintains freshness, flavor during shelf life

Chr. Hansen’s eXact NG Flavor+ is a new culture that gives a creamy dairy flavor with increasing diacetyl production during shelf life, without gas production. Fresh dairy products can lose their fresh flavor during shelf life, but products fermented with this culture can have improved flavor that is maintained during cold storage, according to the company. The culture is designed to be added on top of the normal starter culture and has no effect on the acidification speed of the fermentation or the post acidification, and the texture of the product is not influenced.

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Plant sterols for almond milk

BASF’s plant sterols are naturally effective for cholesterol management and overall heart health, and are ideal for almond milk, according to the company. With these plant sterols, processors can select the right application format depending on their production capabilities, regulatory guidelines and package claims. The company offers plant sterols in powder and oil formats for non-dairy milk applications. These ingredients do not impact taste and texture in the finished product, according to the company.

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Texture and stability solutions with apple pectin

TIC Gums has a new line of texture and stability solutions with six new apple pectin products in the TIC Pretested Apple Pectin Series. Pectin can provide texture to beverage applications, and specially manufactured pectin stabilizes protein in acidified milk beverage applications, such as drinkable yogurt.  Due to the shortage of citrus pectin, this line of apple pectin has been developed as a 1:1 alternative in most applications. The series includes a lineup of several non-GMO and organic compliant options, is readily available and has minimal effects on color. Each type of pectin has conditions that must be met in order for the functional benefits to be achieved.  

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Natural citrus fiber for improving dairy texture

Fiberstar’s Citri-Fi 100, a citrus fiber derived from citrus pulp, introduced a product line extension called Citri-Fi 100 M20. The product’s small particle size lends itself well to improving dairy-based food’s texture, health and/or cost. This functional fiber provides thickening, natural emulsion stabilization, increased yields and improved mouthfeel properties such as creaminess in yogurts, smoothies, beverages and creams. The fiber is ideal for clean-label formulating especially for those products using fruit-based components.

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All-natural prebiotic fiber for sweetener systems

Frutalose SF75 from Sensus America is an all-natural, non-GMO ingredient that delivers functional properties in a variety of dairy applications. The product is 65% the sweetness of sugar and delivers 75% dietary fiber. Frutalose can be used in low-calorie, all-natural sweetener systems that have the ability to significantly reduce sugar. The product works well with stevia, masking the off-tastes associated with that ingredient. It is also a prebiotic fiber that can support digestive health and improve the efficacy of probiotic cultures as part of a symbiotic system. Labeled as chicory root fiber, the ingredient can be used to enhance clean-label claims.

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Cold brew for use in dairy base

Finlay Extracts & Ingredients offers coffee extracts that contain cold brew for use in a dairy base. Cold brew extraction delivers a smooth coffee flavor in finished beverage applications with aroma notes that are well-blended. This cold brew is made with a premium blend of roasted coffee that is slow brewed with cool water and mixed with complementing ingredients.

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Organic black and green tea concentrates

Starting from brewed tea, Virginia Dare has created a portfolio of tea concentrates that add quality, taste and aroma to ready-to-drink beverages. The company offers black, Assam, oolong, green, white and rooibos tea powders and liquid concentrates.

 718-788-1776; www.virginiadare.com