Beneo said its non-GMO chicory root fiber and rice starch offer natural plant-based solutions to reduce, fat, sugar and, therefore, calories in frozen dairy desserts. Chicory root fibers provide a mild, natural taste while delivering a source of prebiotic plant-based fiber. At the same time, the fibers help maintain indulgent sensorial properties of frozen dairy desserts. Beneo’s rice starches help to replace fat, thanks to their naturally small particle size, which mimics the texture of fat. Rice starch also contributes a smooth, creamy texture and a neutral taste, all key elements when making a delicious frozen dairy dessert. Rice starch also provides improved freeze-thaw stability due to its unique particle structure.    





According to Brenntag North America, pectin is the ingredient of choice for setting acidified dairy products, which are preparations made from pasteurized milk that is acidified by fermentation of lactic acid bacteria or by adding acidic ingredients such as fruit or organic acids. Brenntag partnered with Silvateam to distribute Aglupectin LA-S20VIS YA, a low-methoxyl amidated-type pectin specifically designed by Silvateam for both set-type and stirred yogurt applications. This high-reactivity pectin provides increased firmness, creamy mouthfeel and prevention of whey separation.   





Cargill said it offers a broad pectin portfolio with options that offer functionality in both acid and neutral-pH environments, lower and higher sugar concentrations, and high-temperature processing. This familiar label-friendly ingredient brings a range of benefits to dairy applications — enhancing creamy textures and protecting and stabilizing proteins in acidic conditions. It also plays a pivotal role in many reduced-sugar beverages, replacing the body, texture and mouthfeel of sugar and allowing formulators to replicate sugar’s decadent feeling on the tongue. 





Comet Bio launched Arabinoxylan plant fiber extract, a plant-based gluten-free prebiotic dietary fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels at a 3-grams-per-serving level. The extract is fully soluble, making it functional and easy to use in foods and beverages. Arabinoxylan is a naturally occurring fiber found in the cell walls of many plants. Comet Bio said it produces the offering through a proprietary process, which uses upcycled farm leftovers such as leaves, stalks and shells as feedstock. By doing so, the company’s ingredient is highly sustainable and closes the loop on the food system. 





CP Kelco, a global producer of nature-based ingredients, said it offers Non-GMO Project Verified GENU pectin YM-115-L. Derived from citrus peels, the pectin delivers a creamy full-bodied mouthfeel in acidified dairy drinks while providing superior protein stabilization and an effective flavor release. The offering is also a highly functional texturizing agent with extensive flexibility to help achieve formulation goals. It helps create an indulgent mouthfeel and texture that consumers love, while allowing for label-friendly positioning in a competitive industry in which organic label claims are on the rise.





Farbest said caseinates can be made with a wide variety of salts, including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, and in a wide variety of forms, including spray-dried, roller-dried, extruded, granular and instant. Each form offers unique advantages based on the application. Spray-dried forms offer the highest protein content, while extruded forms offer some of the best value propositions — with lower protein contents. The calcium variety is ideal for use in sports nutrition products with a clean label and high protein content, while a sodium-based caseinate is best for applications in which dispersibility is key. Farbest offers a wide range of caseinates.

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Fiberstar Inc. said its Citri-Fi citrus fiber creates stable, smooth and thick yogurts at low usage levels (between 0.2% and 0.8%). Due to its high water-holding and emulsification properties, this natural fiber reduces syneresis to create a more stable food product. Citri-Fi also reduces gel-like texture and improves creaminess, making this natural ingredient multifunctional. As a result, the fiber can replace starches, gums and/or chemical stabilizers while cleaning up label declarations. Citri-Fi labeling includes citrus fiber, citrus flour or dried citrus pulp. 





FutureCeuticals said its beverage-ready grains deliver the benefits of grains without the typical grit. They undergo a mechanical process that shatters the tough cell wall and creates a free-flowing hydrocolloid-like material, which provides an exceptional texture and flavor experience. The grains are ideal inclusions for formulators seeking to improve the taste and texture of their protein sources, plant-based “milks,” smoothies, yogurts and other on-trend applications, while replacing gums, fats and oils with clean-label hydrocolloids. 





FrieslandCampina Ingredients said because today’s consumers want pure and natural ingredients, it is offering its Excellion caseinates and native proteins (Nutri Whey Native) in a Non-GMO Project Verified option. Contact the company to learn about its non-GMO options.





Gelita said its gelatine and collagen peptides take advantage of the collagen trend. Both gelatine and collagen peptides are pure proteins that can boost nutritional profiles, contribute to clean-labeling and feature no allergenic potential. Gelita’s gelatine offers excellent binding, gelling, whipping, emulsifying, stabilizing and foaming — especially in dairy applications. The offering creates perfect textures, provides one-of-a-kind mouthfeel, enhances flavor release and more. Gelita’s bioactive collagen peptides boost hybrid dairy products. Add these specialized collagens for proactive health benefits; they have neutral sensorial profiles and have zero calories.





Ingredion Incorporated said consumers have been forced to choose between the taste and mouthfeel of sugar and their desire to reduce sugar. Ingredion’s Astraea allulose solves this problem, as it tastes and functions similar to sugar while adding only 0.4 kilocalories per gram and now — with FDA draft guidance — no added sugar. Allulose is a rare sugar that exists in nature — for example, in figs and raisins — in small quantities. It has a clean, sweet taste with no off-flavors and is about 70% as sweet as table sugar. It brings functional bulking and freeze-point depressions properties, enabling one-to-one replacement with sugar in many dairy formulations. 





InnovoPro said it launched an innovative chickpea protein 70% concentrate under the brand name of CP-Pro 70. The ingredient’s unique combination of properties enables it to be easily incorporated into food formulations. InnovoPro’s innovative solution provides a safe, scalable alternative to other plant-based proteins while being a sustainable solution for the world’s growing population. The chickpea protein enables formulation of clean-label products made from high-quality plant-based protein and without additives or compromising on taste, texture or appearance.





J. Rettenmaier USA said its Vivapur MCG colloidal microcrystalline cellulose ingredient line provides robust and cost-effective stabilizing options for a wide range of dairy applications without the typical drawbacks of other hydrocolloid systems. The ingredients are ideal for use in pH-neutral beverages, ice cream, sauces and dressings to stabilize and suspend particles while also imparting body and a creamy mouthfeel. In frozen desserts such as ice cream, Vivapur 811F will stabilize entrapped air cells, improving the overrun and controlling ice crystal growth. Its high-gel strength also allows for reduced usage levels, providing cost savings in many applications.





Nexira said its Thixogum G, due to its suspension properties, is able to stabilize insoluble ingredients with minimal impact to viscosity. It is a perfect stabilizer for dairy alternatives. It can also be used in beverages made up of insoluble compounds to suspend particles to maintain a homogenous suspension of fruit pulp. Winner of the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2019, Thixogum G is a cleaner alternative to traditional emulsifier and stabilizer systems. Encapsulating the gellan gum with acacia gum makes Thixogum G easier to dose, disperse and solubilize than gellan gum alone. Thixogum G is colorless and tasteless. 

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PLT Health Solutions said it offers a water-dispersible form of its industry-leading Slendacor weight-management complex ingredient. Slendacor’s patented approach to weight-management support works at multiple levels by inhibiting the accumulation of fat in fat cells (lipogenesis) and enhancing the body’s ability to break down fat (lipolysis). The result is an ingredient that has been clinically shown to significantly enhance weight loss and help reshape the body. After more than two years in development, Slendacor allows formulators of consumer products that support a healthy weight to deliver it in a broader range of product forms — from powders and shakes to gummies and shots.





According to Tate & Lyle, allulose is a natural sweetening ingredient that provides the sensory experience of sugar without the calories. As a rare sugar, allulose is found in nature in small amounts in raisins and figs. It has 70% of the sweetness of sucrose and 90% fewer calories than sucrose. Tate & Lyle’s Dolcia Prima allulose offers functionality in sugar-reduced dairy applications, including providing a similar temporal profile to sucrose, providing synergy with sweeteners such as stevia and sucralose, providing bulk and texture, and depressing freezing point in frozen desserts. It also has a lower tendency to crystalize in high-solid systems.




According to The Ingredient House, many manufacturers are looking for alternative stabilizers as the popularity of high-protein drinks grows. Roquette, a manufacturer of cellulose gel, conducted studies to evaluate the performance of cellulose gel in a high-protein ready-to-drink beverage. Proteins commonly have an aftertaste, as well as issues involving heat stability, dispersibility and solubility. Thermal processing also has a significant impact on flavor and stability; therefore, it required many trials to find the best ingredient combination to successfully achieve consumer nutrition, taste and shelf-life expectations. The Ingredient House’s Tabulose SC-611 performed excellent as a stabilizer and mouthfeel enhancer in ready-to-drink protein beverages in a standard shelf-life study. The product provided stability, creamy texture and mouthfeel without separation or settling.