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PenPure starch for frozen yogurtPenford Food Ingredients, a leader in innovative carbohydrate systems and technologies, is taking aim at the growing demand for clean label ingredients with its PenPure portfolio of clean label starches. These clean label starches are not chemically treated and are familiar to consumers when listed in the ingredient statement. Offered in a wide variety of formulations with potato, corn, rice and tapioca bases, the PenPure line offers multiple functional benefits in applications ranging from soups to tortillas. This portfolio is comprised of cook-up and instant viscosity starches, as well as starch gels.

PenPure starch for yogurt“The desire for clean label food ingredients is growing at an exponential rate,” said John Randall, Penford Food Ingredients president. “Consumers are reading labels closely in the grocery aisle. They want food to contain ingredients they recognize. PenPure products are a great option for manufacturers because they are versatile and cost effective. This keeps the price low for the end consumer while still offering important clean label benefits.”

The PenPure portfolio of products can function individually or in customized blends which is the case with gluten-free products. These clean label starches have the following recommended applications and functional benefits:

Recommended Applications
• Dairy
• Dips & Spreads
• Soups, Sauces, Gravies & Condiments
• Infant/Baby Foods
• Meats
• Snacks
• Pasta & Noodles
• Fried Coatings
• Gluten-Free Products

Functional Benefits
• Cell structure
• Crisping agent
• Elasticity Improvement
• Emulsification Aid
• Expansion Enhancement
• Fat Reduction and Replacement
• Freeze Thaw Stability
• Heat and Sheet stability
• Moisture Retention
• Mouthfeel
• Stretch and Rlasticity
• Texture
• Viscosifier
• Volume

“The PenPure portfolio demonstrates Penford’s commitment to pioneering products for the clean label and ‘better for you’ category. It is important to continue to meet the needs of our customers and our customers’ customers by having a robust clean label offering that completely aligns with our mission to provide innovative and market-right products.” Randall concluded.

About Penford Food Ingredients
Penford Food Ingredients Co., ( is a division of Penford Corporation. Penford was founded over 100 years ago and is a leading global supplier of food and industrial starches. An innovation and service-driven organization, Penford Food Ingredients supplies a broad family of dextrin and starches based on potato, tapioca, rice and corn. Penford also develops formulations for coatings, gluten-free products, and marinades, batters for protein substrates and starch-based pet treats and toys. Headquartered in Centennial, Colo., Penford Food Ingredients has over 100 employees, including top food scientists and chemists, and those in manufacturing facilities in Iowa, Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

SOURCE: Penford Food Ingredients