Thermo Scientific’s new Xpert S400 is cost-effective horizontal beam X-ray system. It’s been specifically engineered to detect metal, glass, dense plastics and other foreign objects in vertically oriented containers such as metal cans, plastic bottles, cartons and standup pouches. The S400’s compact length enables placement into tight production spaces and the X-ray source/detector height easily adjusts to match the customer’s conveyor passing through the inspection tunnel.



Anritsu’s Dual Wave H offers versatile metal detection solutions for the food industry. Multiple frequencies are built in so a processor can run two frequencies simultaneously to maximize detection of ferrous and stainless metals independent of each other. This detection system has a small footprint and can be dismantled for cleaning and sanitation without tools. This is ideal for dairy  processing plants in order to easily take the machine down, clean it and assemble it back together again without tools.



The Bunting Magnetics Metron 07CI metal detector is a one-piece, tunnel-style, triple-coil detector designed for use in wet product and washdown environments.  The sensing coils are fully waterproof, protected from high-pressure moisture and aggressive cleaning agents by rugged epoxy which also eliminates coil vibration. The system is ideal for use with cheese, yogurt, sour cream and milk lines.



Fortress added new FM software to its metal detector systems. With the addition, the detectors can achieve at least a 40% increase in detection sensitivity in most applications, including large bags. The software can be field-installed on current Phantom or Stealth systems.



Eriez Xtreme metal detector features improved sensitivity and reliability. This detector can recognize 0.2mm metal spheres, providing protection against contaminants, while eliminating the production slowdowns that can occur due to false signals. It offers a 7-inch, full color touchscreen, multiple preprogrammed languages, easy set-up and reporting, multiple USB and interface ports, remote access and the standard high-pressure washdown design.



Heat and Control’s CEIA metal detectors, Ishida checkweighers and X-ray systems are available individually or as integrated systems. CEIA’s latest THS/MS21 multispectrum metal detector eliminates false rejects without reducing sensitivity. Ishida DACS-G checkweighers verify two weight ranges and are available with a choice of weight sensors. Ishida IX-GA X-ray systems can detect metal, plastic, glass, stones, missing or damaged product and errors in package weight.



SC E 3000-D-C from OCS Checkweighers is suitable  for production line X-ray inspection for small to medium packaging. It’s made of stainless steel and complies with protection class IP 65. The balcony design in combination with slanted surfaces allows for easy cleaning to meet the highest hygienic requirements. The system has optional software to count and perform checks for completeness, correct filling levels and to blank out packaging clips. Other features include: a 15-inch color touchscreen operation, intuitive software, compact design with integrated conveyor system and diode array detector.



The Oxford Instruments’ X-Supreme8000 is a powerful X-ray fluorescence analytical solution that is used for quality assurance and nondestructive testing across a wide range of industries. It’s recognized for its ability to identify sodium (Na) concentration. The system offers rapid, accurate elemental analysis with repeatable results that will not vary from operator to operator.  Analysis can be performed on a wide-range of sample types including solids, liquids, powders and pastes, with minimal to no sample preparation.

800-447-4717; www.oxford-instruments/x-supreme


Mettler-Toledo PowerPhase PRO digital metal detectors protect products from stainless, ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. The PowerPhase PRO one-pass auto product setup requires only five seconds when a new product is introduced. The system can inspect multiple products with a single setting, since the detector runs all product settings simultaneously. It instantly recognizes a different product on the line and automatically changes over resulting in no false rejects.



Sartorius Intec will be displaying its Dymond X-ray systems at this year’s Pack Expo show in November. The Dymond series is comprised of the Dymond 40, 80, 120 and S. Each is suited to a specific industrial requirement. These four machines provide a solution for a variety of different processes and can detect contaminants from an extensive range of packaging.



Rubber Fab Technologies offers a complete line of high-quality sanitary gaskets, hoses, hose assemblies, tubing, pumps and filler machine components in a wide range of high-purity,  metal-detectable and X-rayable elastomeric materials. The line of Detectomer products are designed to insure processing security against unwanted elastomeric contamination for dairy, food and beverage manufacturers. 



The I-series checkweigher from Yamato features the company’s precise load cell technology. Speeds can reach up to 480 products/minute and accuracies of +/-0.15. The large color touchscreen features an intuitive LED light system that allows higher visibility, while reducing power consumption. A USB port is standard for easy data management and exchange between PC and checkweigher. An all stainless steel tubular design offers IP-67 washdown capability (with optional IP69K) allowing for easy sanitation and maintenance.



The Magnattack separator from Powder-Solutions houses a high-intensity magnetic element with flux strengths ranging from 10,000 gauss to over 12,000 gauss in larger models.  Design is very effective at removing ferrous metal and work-hardened stainless steel in dilute phase powder conveyer lines and gravity chutes up to 6-inch diameter. The spherical magnet is easily removed from the housing and includes a cleaning station for removal of collected metal. The aerodynamic design creates a minimal pressure drop providing separation efficiency without risk of blockages.



Loma Systems debuts its Group X5 SpaceSaver at Pack Expo in November. The system measures at 39-inches wide and incorporates a computer vision system that utilizes proprietary image processing and morphological techniques. Built for 24x7 operation, the belt speeds run as fast as 246 feet/minute.