Admix Inc. said its newly redesigned RS-02 pilot scale mixer is now available. Ideal for pilot plants and small-scale production, the Admix RS-02 high-shear pilot-scale mixer offer processors a solution for product development, formula optimization, trial mixtures and small production runs. The RS-02 redesign includes a mobile lift stand with a wider base for added stability and a large hand crank for easily adjusting mixer height. The portable unit fits through standard-width doorways, making it easier to transport it within a plant’s product development test labs and production areas.

800-466-2369; https://www.admix.com/pilot-scale-mixer



Emerson said it introduced the ASCO Series 158 gas valve and Series 159 motorized actuator. Designed specifically for burner-boiler applications, the products have a new combustion safety shutoff valve option that increases safety and reliability and enhances both flow and control. The valve also offers a flow rate that is twice that of other combustion valves on the market. Installation is also made easier with end connectors that eliminate the need for piping unions and a ventless compatible monoblock design that not only does away with the need for additional vent piping, but also limits greenhouse gas and vent emissions.

203-796-0571; www.emerson.com/en-us/news/automation/2002-asco-shutoff-valve



Hygiena said it introduced the InSite L. mono Glo environmental surface screening test. The test is an easy-to-use self-contained environmental sampling and screening test for Listeria species and Listeria monocytogenes (L. mono). Each device has liquid media containing antibiotics, growth enhancers and color-changing compounds specific to Listeria, plus fluorescent compounds specific to Listeria monocytogenes. Within 48 hours, the two-step test changes color in the presence of Listeria species, while illumination with ultraviolet light reveals L. monocytogenes if present. The test is used for environmental monitoring in food processing facilities after cleaning. It screens out negative samples quickly and provides a cost-effective way to increase surveillance, monitor hazards and control risks.

+44 (0)7534 613974; www.hygiena.com



Jovian Technologies said it released a branded food analytics module, a new product offered as a software-as-a-subscription service. The artificial intelligence- (AI) enabled module is powered by proprietary patent-pending AI algorithms and offers food and beverage companies a new way to perform product competitive intelligence and analytics based on market leaders, customer insight outcomes and flavor/ingredient trends. Features and benefits of the branded food analytics module include machine-learning-driven competitive intelligence and analytics with over 250,000 products tracked, traceability of new ingredient and flavor trends in the market, tracking of “best in class” products, and initiation of product-ideation initiatives for new and existing market opportunities.

630-391-0321; www.jov.ai



SPX Flow Inc. launched a new valve within its D4 Series double-seat mix-proof portfolio. The D4PMO valve was designed specifically for the U.S. dairy market in line with the latest 3-A Sanitary Standard 85-02 for Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). The valve offers reliable separation of dissimilar products during continuous processing, with assured separation of clean-in-place (CIP) fluids. To manage seat lift detection, the D4PMO valve includes the advanced CU4plus control unit as standard. The D4PMO is based on the already proven design of the core D4 mix-proof range with additional features to meet PMO standards, including maintaining zero pressure within the vent cavity and the impingement of CIP fluid during seat lift operation, SPX Flow said. 

262-728-4934; www.spxflow.com