High-sensitivity X-ray series

Anritsu’s precision-engineered, high-sensitivity XR75 X-ray series is the latest in Anritsu’s extensive portfolio of inspection and detection systems. The XR75 superior image processing locates hard-to-find foreign materials and can accurately pinpoint product shape defects and check for packaging integrity. The system is designed to provide excellent sensitivity at lower energy levels for extended life cycles. The low output X-ray generator eliminates the need for a cooling system, resulting in a 30% reduction in energy consumption, according to the company.

866-200-5276; www.us.anritsu-industry.com


Metal detectors using simultaneous multi-frequencies

Fortress Technology’s new Interceptor line of metal detectors utilizes a simultaneous multifrequency operation. The system effectively processes the transmission and reception of multiple frequencies continuously over a broad spectrum. This operation facilitates an improvement in detection capabilities of up to 100% with stainless steel, especially when inspecting traditionally difficult wet products, said the company.  The system is manufactured with a unique noise immunity structure, so effects from external electrical noise have been reduced, lowering the occurrence of false rejects.

888-220-8737; www.fortresstechnology.com


X-ray inspection system with higher-sensitivity sensors

Mettler Toledo’s new X37-X-ray inspection system is a cost-effective option that can inspect products such as bottles, cans and canisters. The system is highly adaptable with a wide range of features. It also has higher-sensitivity sensors, which requires lower 20W X-ray generator power consumption to complete its inspections, eliminating the need for active cooling of the generator, reducing cost and unit size.

800-447-4439; www.mt.com/pi


Pneumatic and gravity in-line magnets

Bunting Magnetics Co. has a complete line of metal separation and metal detection equipment for the dairy and food industries, including the pneumatic and gravity in-line magnets. Specifically designed for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems, the magnets remove metal from powdered milk, powdered cheese and other powdered bulk foods as they shoot up and through the production line. For gravity flow processes, the in-line magnet is the solution. Both are designed for unobstructed product flow and flow-through design, feature a swing-out magnet for easy cleaning and are easily installed with optional factory-supplied compression couplings. 

800-835-2426; www.buntingmagnetics.com


Line of metal detectable and X-ray inspectable products

Rubber Fab Technologies Detectomer line of metal detectable/X-ray inspectable products is designed to work with existing stainless steel piping and hose systems. The products are available in sanitary gaskets, O-rings, sheet, cord, screens and a variety of other products. The company’s new metal detectable/X-ray inspectable safety glasses, called Protectomers, are also available.

973-579-2959; www.rubberfab.com  


Self-cleaning sanitary grate magnet

Powder-Solutions’ Mag-Ram self-cleaning grate magnets collect ferrous metal fragments without human interaction. The design pneumatically retracts magnet rods, then rotates rods and wipes the magnetic materials to the end and into a collection chamber. The rotation provided by the cleaning equalizes abrasive wear while avoiding material buildup on the magnet rods. Automatic cleaning can take place both during production and before or after production runs. Applications include the extraction of work-hardened stainless steel, wear iron and tramp metal from various bulk products.  The units can be sized to fit existing chutes and hoppers and replace existing low strength or inefficient grate magnets.

877-236-3539; www.powder-solutions.com


Multi-spectrum metal detector

Heat and Control offers the latest CEIA metal detectors, Ishida checkweighers, Ishida X-ray systems and product reject devices individually or as integrated systems. For metal detection, the latest CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum detector eliminates false rejects without reducing sensitivity and features washdown protection. Ishida DACS-G checkweighers provide two selectable weight ranges and are available with a choice of weight sensors. Ishida X-ray systems can detect metal, plastic, glass, stones, missing or damaged product, and errors in package weight.

800-227-5980; www.heatandcontrol.com/inspectionsystems  


X-ray food inspection system

Sesotec’s Raycon X-ray system has an integrated conveyor belt that is designed for use in wet or dry applications and inspects packaged food product for contaminants or other unwanted defects. The compact system features accurate in-line detection of magnetic or nonmagnetic metals, glass, ceramic, stone, bone, PVC, rubber, even in metallic or metal-coated packaging such as foil. The X-ray inspection software is also optimized to identify product defects such as broken, deformed or missing product with minimal operator training. 

224-208-1900; www.sesotec.us


High-resolution autonomous inspection system for factory floor

Teledyne Dalsa’s new BOA2 Smart Camera features higher-resolution imaging, dual-core processing and embedded iNspect Express application software. The smart camera is a complete vision system with more pixels, power and integration flexibility for automating parts and assembly inspection. The camera is offered with 2, 3 or 5M pixel resolution. For very high-speed applications, the CMOS sensor format can be changed to achieve inspection rates of up to 80 parts per second. The 2M model supports an optional integrated LED ring light with built-in collimators that provide powerful, uniform lighting across the inspection area. 

408-736-6000; www.teledynedalsa.com


Upgraded checkweigher line designed for improved accuracy

The newest models of the Thermo Scientific Versa checkweigher line offer more than 10 engineering and functionality improvements for robust performance. This includes upgraded conveyor design, frame, load cell, reject mechanism, motor, mounting and more. The company designed the modifications to improve weighing accuracy. This helps to maximize profits by minimizing product giveaway. For combination checkweigher/metal detector systems, optional software provides metal detector reject information on the checkweigher screen. The line is available in two models: the fixed-height Global VersaWeigh and the cantilevered Global Versa GP, which allows height adjustment.

763-783-2500; www.thermoscientific.com/productinspection


Checkweighing and metal detection in single compact design

The Checkweigher/Fortress Metal Detector combination systems feature Yamato’s precise load cell technology, delivering accuracy and high-speed weighing. The integrated metal detector provides high sensitivity metal detection for all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel metal contaminants. The Yamato/Fortress Combo is mounted on a single frame for efficient space savings and is an easy-to-clean design. Conveyors and belts can be cleaned and removed without tools.

 262-236-0000; www.YamatoAmericas.com