Allen Flavors introduced a new line of 15 organic flavors that includes peach, apple juice, lemonade ginger, rose, coconut and pineapple mint. The organic flavors come in a liquid form. The color ranges from clear to a very light yellow and the entire line is gluten free with no allergens. The organic flavors are certified by Quality Assurance International and kosher by the Orthodox Union. 



DSM announced at the IFT Show in June that it’s building a high-intensity sweetener platform based on fermentation. Steviol glycosides are the sweet-tasting molecules present in stevia leaves. According to the company, producing steviol glycosides via fermentation processes has several advantages; it can be produced anywhere in the world very efficiently and the process utilizes fewer raw materials, requires less arable land and consumes less water. It also offers food and beverage producers the ability to adjust the taste and calorie content.

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Artiste’s natural honey powder is filled with health-promoting qualities, according to the company. The honey powder provides extended shelf life for many food and beverage applications, including dairy — such as yogurt. Natural honey can be honed, through spray-drying, into a fine white or pale yellow powder, whose texture is similar to that of corn flour. Because honey is sweeter and less caloric than sugar, smaller quantities are needed. Artiste’s honey powder has the added benefit of easier handling and reduced storage space, according to the company.



David Michael’s Philadelphia Style System provides an easy, reliable way to produce ice cream containing pieces of actual vanilla beans, called “Philadelphia style” vanilla ice cream. Rather than adding the bean particles by hand to the ice cream mix, the company created an easy method that combines both vanilla extract and particles in one container. Since each unit is designed to flavor a specific amount of mix, no measuring is required. Just shake and add the entire contents to the batch. The systems are also available in dry form.



Flavorchem Corp. launched a line of enzyme-modified cheeses (EMC). EMC flavors are made from a special blend of natural cheese with added lipases and other natural food-grade enzymes, and as a result are all-natural with no preservatives. EMC’s also offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional cheese ingredients with fewer calories, while still providing the same full-bodied flavor profile, according to the company. They adapt easily to most food processing systems and blend well with other ingredients and additives. Multiple cheese flavors are available, from blue to sharp Cheddar.



Land O’Lakes Ingredients introduced a sea-salted caramel to its line of dairy-based seasonings. The new seasoning consists of a butter powder base mixed with sweet caramel and sea salt. Food manufacturers will be able to utilize sea-salted caramel in a variety of ingredient applications, including dips and sauces. The new seasoning was featured at the IFT Show in June.



Mother Murphy’s new N&A Neapolitan ice cream-type flavor follows the latest layered flavor trend. The Neapolitan flavor features vanilla, chocolate and strawberry side by side. Each flavor comes through clearly one after the other. This Neapolitan flavor can also be used in other dairy type applications.



Metarom Neotech introduced its European Touch collection. The collection features the following flavor profiles: Madeleine, Frangipane, Panetone, Grenadine, Current and Speculoos. This collection of flavors has been specifically developed for dairy applications.



Recently showcased at the IFT Show in June, Naturex created a beverage that contains immune-boosting ingredients. The concept, called I drink, contains echinacea, elderberry and goji, all known for their natural immunity benefits. The I drink beverage also contains Naturex’s green tea extract, which is 38% antioxidants and offers controlled bitterness and reduced levels of astringency. Flavored with blackberry juice, I drink also features Talin, Naturex’s natural flavor enhancer, which masks bitterness and overcomes the perception of off-notes from high-intensity sweeteners such as stevia. Specific pectins from apple enhance mouthfeel by giving more body and volume to the beverage.



Virginia Dare showcased Pro-Mask a new series of protein masking flavors at the 2014 IFT Show. The masking flavors were featured in various applications, including ready-to-drink beverages fortified with whey and soy protein, whey protein fortified cookies, and milk protein fortified ice cream.



Wild’s Sweetness Enhancers are proprietary natural flavors developed to provide the perception of sweetness obtained from sugar and enhance mouthfeel in reduced sugar products. The sweetness enhancers work well in dairy applications, including flavored milks, nutritional drinks and yogurts.  They are also designed for use in fruit drinks, teas and RTD coffees. Wild featured the new products at the IFT Show in June.



At the 2014 IFT Show, Weber Flavors showcased flavors in ice cream and beverage applications, including a corn ice cream with a blackberry variegate that featured 155-99-C corn flavor MWNI. A 159-41-B blackberry wave was variegated in to add a slightly tart berry note. Lavender lemonade used 22-02-0035 natural lemonade flavor WONF to give a flavor boost to the lemon juice concentrate, and 21-02-0114 natural lavender flavor was added to give the product a crisp and light floral note.