Vilvi functional yogurtsVILVI functional yogurt, presented by Lithuanian dairy producers, is one of the new dairy products being featured at next month’s Anuga food fair. The show takes place October 5-9 in Cologne, Germany.

The new yogurt features unique functional flavors, like vanilla and roasted flax seeds yogurt, yogurt with apples and oats, and quince, pumpkin and cereal yogurt.

The company said the yogurts contain several highly nutritious components, like oatmeal, bran, cereal, flax seeds and dietary fiber, which are very useful for human body.

Vilkyskiu pienine AB, is operating in export markets under brand VILVI, one of the largest Lithuanian dairy producers. It features one of the most modern cheese factories in Lithuania, with around 18% share in the cheese market and around 12% stake in fresh dairy product market.

Attendees to the Aunga food fair can visit VILVI in Hall 10.1, booth #A-072.

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