The overall frozen dessert category saw a drop in both dollar and units sales. But despite the category difficulties, a star has emerged. The frozen pudding and mousse segment stood out with both dollar and unit sales increases.

In the 52 weeks ended June 16, 2013, the frozen pudding/mousse segment saw dollar sales go up 6.2% to $382,742, and units increased 2% to 65,653, according to data from Information Resources Inc. (IRI), Chicago. The overall frozen desserts/toppings category didn’t fare so well, its dollar sales dropped 2.5% to $715.9 million and units fell 1.7% to 302.3 million, in the same time period.

Here are the segments that make up IRI’s Frozen Desserts/Toppings category:

  • Frozen Whipped Toppings ($350.9 million sales, units down 0.1%)
  • Frozen Sweet Goods (no cheesecakes) ($232.1 million sales, units down 7.1%)
  • Frozen Cheesecakes ($132.4 million sales, units down 4.9%)
  • Frozen Pudding/Mousse ($382,742 sales, units up 2%)

Helping to push the success of the frozen pudding/mousse segment, Stevenson’s (owned by Lone Star Bakery Inc.) saw its dollar sales jump 200.5% and units skyrocket 223.8%. Private label led this overall segment with $203,465 sales, the units went up 10.5% and dollar sales increased 8.5%. On the opposite end, New Orleans’ (owned by New Orleans Ice Cream Co.) saw dollar sales drop 10% and units fall 12.7%.

The frozen whipped toppings segment led the overall frozen dessert category with sales at $350.9 million, and though dollar sales were up 0.7%, units fell 0.1%. It was a mixed bag among the top five for sales numbers. Kraft Cool Whip led the segment with $239.7 million dollar sales, but it struggled with sales down 1.4% and units dropped 1.6%. Private label was also down (3.4% dollar sales and 2% units). On the other end, Truwhip (owned by Peak Foods) saw dollar sales jump 40.4% and units jump 38.7%. Rich’s (owned by Rich Products Corp.) showed skyrocketing numbers, dollar sales were up 92.6% and units rose 276.1%.

The frozen cheesecake segment’s dollar sales dropped 7% to $132.4 million, and units also fell 4.9%. Among the top five, many companies struggled to get sales up including The Cheesecake Factory, dollar sales dropped 10.4% and units fell 11.2%. Sara Lee led the segment in overall sales with $45.1 million, but the dollar sales dropped 1.2% and units fell 5.6%. Within the top ten one company saw a big increase, Arthur Paul’s dollar sales jumped 478.3% and units skyrocketed 841.4%.

In the frozen sweet goods (no cheesecakes) segment, numbers were down. Dollar sales fell 4.5% and units dropped 7.1%. Sara Lee also led this segment with $36.6 million, but once again struggled with dollar sales down 10% and units down 7.5%. Pepperidge Farm showed some promise in the segment with dollar sales up 4% and units up 0.2%.