Roba Dolce Ocean Spray gelato Drk Choc Cherry CraisinsRoba Dolce, Pomona, N.Y., announced the company’s newest line of all-natural, high quality frozen dessert offerings — Ocean Spray premium pints of gelato and sorbet.

The co-branding partnership brings an innovative flavor profile to the premium frozen dessert space in the form of gelato and sorbet products from two well-known brands.

The Ocean Spray & Roba Dolce portfolio includes nine individual pint offerings, five sorbets and four gelatos, with additional flavors already in development.

Gelato flavors include: dark chocolate with cherry Craisins dried cranberries, honey fig cream, vanilla bean with chocolate pomegranate truffle, and hazelnut truffle.

Sorbet flavors include: cranberry raspberry lime, lemon blueberry, tropical coconut, blackberry cabernet and tropical mango.

The suggested retail price for each pint is $3.99. The new line is available for sales and distribution immediately.

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