Maple Greek YogurtBrattleboro, Vt.-based Commonwealth Dairy’s Green Mountain Creamery brand of Maple Greek yogurt has just won the Most Innovative Greek Yogurt category at the International Dairy Foods’ Milk and Cultured Innovative Product Contest.

The maple yogurt won first place for innovation in a category that drew entries from all over the country. One of the largest contests dedicated specifically to reviewing and judging new dairy products, the competition reviewed hundreds of new items, as the Greek yogurt category continues to grow and innovate.

This past Fall Green Mountain Creamery’s Vanilla and Pineapple Greek yogurts took home both the first and second place prizes for best Greek yogurt in the country at the World Dairy Expo.

Green Mountain Creamery brand products are made with rBST-free milk and no artificial preservatives, additives or colorings. The yogurt also contains live and active cultures. A portion of the profits (5%) from the sale of the product are returned directly to the farmers who supply the milk used to make it.