Wonka ice cream

Glendale, Calif.-based Nestle USA Inc. adds a new premium ice cream to its Wonka brand, which is known for its chocolate and confections. The ice cream is available in seven flavors and is literally turning ice cream on its head with its inverted carton packaging; which comes in 14 ounce containers.

The new flavors, inspired by the children’s book — Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from Roald Dahl — include:

  • Kerfuffle Truffle — chocolate ice cream with chocolate truffles and swirls of fudge.
  • Chipperberry Swirl — black raspberry and vanilla ice cream with liquid chocolate chips.
  • Chocolate Mintropolis — a combination of chocolate mint ice cream with peppermint patties and chocolate mint cookies.
  • Caramel Nut Kadoozle — caramel ice cream with mixed nut brittle and walnut caramel swirl.
  • Chocolate Chipper Chip — vanilla ice cream with chocolate and potato chip bark pieces.
  • Chocolate Snowflakes — vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes.
  • Kernelpuff Caramelstuff — caramel corn ice cream with crispy kernels, pecan pralines and salted caramel swirls

Nestle owns the trademark to Wonka's candy and ice cream products. Wonka Ice Cream is now available in select grocery stores throughout northern California and Reno, Nev., at a suggested retail price of $4.99. For more information about Wonka Ice Cream visit the website, www.wonkaicecream.com.