Cremont cheese

Websterville, Vt.-based Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery, which added Cremont to its aged cheese artisan line about a year ago, is reintroducing the product in a new package designed to improve the quality and integrity of the cheese. Named after “the cream of Vermont,” Cremont is a double-cream, blended milk cheese made with cows milk and cream, as well as goat’s milk. The cheese is aged for two weeks at the creamery before being packaged and distributed across the country. The new clam-shell style container allows for proper air movement around the cheese and better storage at the store as well as at home. The clear container is also ideal to show off the cheese’s signature wrinkled rind. The specially designed container will also help protect the cheese and allow it to continue to age from creamery to the table while maintaining a very creamy consistency.