Label Printer Applicator
Videojet’s new P3400 label printer applicator has a modular design for seamless combination of the base system, a print engine, and one of eight standard application modules. The system has a standard 14-inch (350mm) unwind reel (16-inch [400mm] optional) that results in fewer label changes and increased uptime. Also standard is an optical low-label sensor. These features, along with one-screen set up, make the P3400 a customizable, off-the-shelf solution that can overcome even the most challenging applications.  — Videojet Technologies Inc., 1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, Ill., 60191-1073, phone:  (800) 843-3610, Web site:
Packaging Robotics
Norse says it created the new 1091 Rapid Pack System based on input received from some of the industry’s leading novelty producers. The 1091 Rapid Pack System marks the first use of robotics as an integral part of the ice cream production process. The use of robotics means faster operating speeds for greater productivity and a smaller, more cost-effective, operating team. The 1091 Rapid Pack System integrated robotics safely and efficiently handle the repetitive task of lading wafers quickly and consistently. The use of robotics also speeds up the packaging of finished ice cream sandwiches. — Norse Dairy Systems, P.O. Box 1869, Columbus, Ohio, 43216, phone: (614) 294-4931, fax: (614) 294-0750, Web site:
Print and Apply System
Imaje has won the Red Dot Design Award for its new functional and user-friendly print and apply system. The Imaje 2000 Series Print & Apply labeling system is simple in design and easy to use with the capability to place labels anywhere on the package. Its unique modular design provides unrivaled flexibility for identification of cartons throughout the supply chain — modular applicators place labels on the top, sides and corners of the packages. The choice of consumables and software allow the user to create and download label formats to pilot printers in a network. Imaje’s seven applicators come in four categories: tamp, blow, wipe and articulated arm. — Imaje USA, 1650 Airport Road, Suite 101, Kennesaw, Ga., 30144, phone: 770-421-7700, fax: (770) 421-7702, Web site:
High-Speed Packaging Solution
MeadWestvaco’s new Duodozen 1250HF packaging machine is a high-speed machine solution for a full range of multiple packaging configurations. The highly versatile 1250HF machine is able to multi-pack variable height, multi-diameter cans and bottles in flat, paperboard, fully enclosed cartons, in configurations ranging from a 2x2 carton to a 4x6 package. With this versatility, beverage marketers can offer a wide variety of package designs and configurations to meet their brand and consumer needs.At top rated speeds of 2,400 cans or 1,800 bottles per minute, the Duodozen 1250HF machine meets the rigorous demands of high-speed filling lines and is designed to meet the requirements of large volume, continuous operations. — MeadWestvaco Corp., 1 High Ridge Park, Stamford, Conn., 06905, phone: (203) 461-7400, Web site:
Cheese Packaging Innovations
Alcan offers the latest cheese packaging innovations. For sliced and chunk cheese, Alcan’s patented EVOH® encapsulation technology extends shelf life. The company’s film has the industry’s best oxygen-barrier properties, along with excellent seal integrity and abuse resistance. Line speeds are maximized with the low seal initiation and high flow sealant. For shredded cheese, Alcan’s patented Q® film is utilized for exceptional barrier and easy-open capabilities. Its LaserTear® technology creates the most precise scoring for easy opening. Shelf life is extended with outstanding seal integrity. For deli and specialty cheese, Alcan offers a comprehensive line of patented Maraflex® shrink bags. The ultimate product presentation is accomplish­ed with high-shrink, two-sided and ultra-clear capabil­ities. Controlled respiration bags are also available for gassing cheeses. For ball and string cheese, Alcan offers advanced Q forming and non-forming films. This superior film has excellent draw-down and down-gauging cost efficiencies, and easy opening capabilities with PeelRite® and LaserTear scoring. — Alcan Packaging, 8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, Ill., 60631, phone: (773) 399-8583, fax: (773) 399-8027, Web site:
Pressure Transmitters
Viatran’s new family of pressure transmitters for use in sanitary applications meet 3-A Standards for sanitary instrumentation and are designed for a variety of markets including sanitary tank level measurement, beverage, food and dairy applications. Viatran’s Model 360, 363 and 364 products feature standard Hastelloy diaphragms, allowing for use in acidic and caustic medias, and eliminating the possibility of bacteria growth. A breather system in each transmitter eliminates condensation, which reduces contamination to the electronics. In addition, the Model 360 and 364 transmitters are available with the HART communications protocol, providing easy communication. — Viatran Corp., 300 Industrial Drive, Grand Island, N.Y., 14072, phone: (716) 773-1700, fax: (716) 773-2488, e-mail:, Web site:
Integrated Filling System
Fogg has introduced a new turnkey, fully integrated filling system designed specifically for low-alcohol, dairy-based beverages. The new systems leverages Fogg’s global reputation for high-performance dairy product fillers, while incorporating recent advances in Dynamic CIP technologies. The result is a turnkey system that maximizes run time, while minimizing operator requirements. The compact configuration, which integrates a high-performance rotary rinser, filler and capping system in a safety enclosure, requires a small footprint in a near “plug and play” approach to meeting the growing demand for high-sugar liquers and after-dinner alcoholic beverages. — Fogg Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich., 49424, phone: (616) 786-3644, fax: (616) 786-0350, Web site:
Spout ApplicatorForm-Fill-Seal System
Nimco’s Model 780TGI CAP-PAC Spout Applicator Form, Fill and Seal System is designed for the filling of liquid foods and available with either a standard time filler or optional flow meter for viscous products or products containing particulates. Optional auxiliary fillers are available for moist and dry foods. Each Nimco machine is constructed on a sanitary stainless-steel frame and utilizes all mechanical drive systems to ensure operating reliability and reduced operating costs. The machines feature waist-level carton and spout loading systems, variable speed drives and electric reciprocating forced-air heaters to produce superior carton seals. In addition, the company offers an optional High Hygiene Ultra Clean System — HEPA and H2O2 Carton Sterilization — for extended shelf-life products. — Nimco Corp., 1000 Nimco Drive, Crystal Lake, Ill., 60014, phone: (815) 459-4200, fax: (815) 459-8119, e-mail:, Web site:
Big Drum Machinery
DariFill and Big Drum Engineering GmbH (Germany) have announced that DariFill is now the exclusive distributor of Big Drum machinery in North America. DariFill will provide sales, service, and engineering support. Big Drum is an innovative manufacturer of ice cream filling equipment worldwide. Big Drum machines are capable of filling large containers, extruded products, novelty cups, ball-top and other cones, push-style tubes and squeeze-up tubes. Big Drum also manufactures cone packers, transfer systems, and accessories. DariFill also manufactures the Gemini in-line fillers for cups and cones at speeds up to 300 cups per minute. DariFill machines feature quick change-over, easy use, and exceptional reliability. — DariFill Inc., 921 Eastwind Dr.  Ste. 124, Westerville, Ohio, 43081, phone: (614) 890-3274, e-mail:, Web site:
Freon Gauges
Dwyer’s Series FGA & Series FGS Freon Gages are an economic solution for measuring pressures in refrigerant systems containing freon. Units have dual psi and corresponding degrees F scale calibrated for both R-12 and R-22, and allow for quick servicing of systems containing Freon. — Dwyer Instruments Inc., P.O. Box 373, Michigan City, Ind., 46361, phone: (219) 879-8000, fax: (219) 872-9057, e-mail:, Web site:
Aseptic Fill/Dispense System
The Scholle Sentry SafeLock™ System eliminates challenges previously associated with low-acid aseptic packaging. The Sentry Safelock System is an easy-to-use flip-top filling/dispensing technique designed to offer convenience, enhanced safety and cost savings for aseptic processors and end users. The system includes the Sentry and a range of dispensing options designed for specific applications. For processors, the Sentry SafeLock System aseptic fill/dispense unit eliminates the need for a two-fitment bag, decreasing the overall package cost and providing a superior value to the customer. — Scholle Corp., 200 W. North Ave., Northlake, Ill., 60164, phone: (708) 562-7290, fax: (708) 409-9346, Web site:  m
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