Incline Conveyor
American Conveyor has announced the development of the ISC incline conveyor for dairies that require a conveyor that can move large blocks of or wheels of cheese up steep inclines without slippage. The ISC was originally developed for moving 60-plus-pound blocks of wrapped and unwrapped butter up an incline, through turns and divert gates. This ruggedly engineered, all-stainless and UHMW (ultrahigh molecular weight) polyethylene, sanitary grade conveyor with swing and lift rails and drip pans completely disassembles and reassembles in less than 15 minutes, making washdowns fast and easy.

— American Conveyor Corp., 1819 Flushing Ave., Ridgewood, N.Y., 11385, phone: (718) 386-0480, fax: (718) 456-1233, e-mail: ,
Web site:
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Equipment
Quality assurance and product uniformity is achieved and maintained via automated and integrated gas analyzing, gas mixing, gas flow control and in-line leak detection equipment available from PBI-Dansensor — enabling packagers and marketers of processed, pre-sliced deli products to achieve their objectives for extending shelf-life freshness, eliminating product handling and reducing their customers’ space requirements and point-of-serve costs. The total quality process utilizes PBI-Dansensor’s in-line gas analyzing, gas mixing and gas-flow control systems for 100 percent management of the MAP process. In addition, both in-line LeakMatic™ and stand-alone LeakPointer™ non-destructive package leak detectors provide fast-reacting leak tests of the packaged product. The LeakMatic offers 100 percent in-line package testing, while the LeakPointer offers a compact, moveable, cost-effective system well suited for use in the laboratory or for production sampling.

— PBI-Dansensor America Inc., 139 Harristown Road, Glen Rock, N.J., 07452, phone: (201) 251-6490, Web site:
New Retort Bottle
Material scientists at Sonoco have developed a new panel-less retort bottle. Suitable for shelf-stable, low-acid, dairy-based beverages and ready-to-drink coffees, it protects the product inside from oxygen, stands up to the rigorous retort sterilization process without the internal panels or ribs found in other retort bottles, and keeps contents shelf-stable at ambient conditions. Produced using a value-added multi-layer process, Sonoco’s new plastic retort bottle is round and smooth-walled and has an easy open-and-reclose induction-seal closure. It is available in a variety of colors and the transparent panel-less retort bottle provides excellent contact clarity when filled.

— Sonoco, 1 N. Second St., Hartsville, S.C., 29550, phone: (843) 383-7000, fax: (843) 339-6620, Web site:
Flexible Mobile Device
Independent of location or time zones, mobile devices keep companies up to date with necessary information. CSB System mobile devices can retrieve, edit and return data to shop floors immediately. Mobile-ERP creates flexibility, allowing data to be entered directly at the source. Making information accessible through the central ERP system and eliminating double entries at the heart of a business transaction, gives companies a competitive edge. All data is captured in real time and direct communication with management.

— CSB-System International, 2535 Camino del Rio South, Suite 350, San Diego, Calif., 92108, phone: (619) 640-0436, fax: (619) 640-0476, Web site:
Bag Palletizer
Schneider Packaging has introduced its Schneider Bag Palletizer, available for single- and multiple-line systems. Ideal for bag palletizing of heavy or industrial sized bags of product, Schneider’s state-of-the-art Bag Palletizer is ideal for applications where consistent throughput and well packed unit loads are essential. Controlled motion assures smooth and dependable product flow, increases line throughput and reduces product damage typically associated with manual handling while eliminating the risk of back injuries linked to manual palletizing. Throughput of up to 20 bags per minute can be achieved depending on product and pack pattern requirements.

— Schneider Packaging Equipment Inc., P.O. Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Road, Brewerton, N.Y., 13029, phone: (315) 676-3035, fax: (315) 676-2875, e-mail:, Web site:
Touch-Screen Controls
Deville Technologies now offers touch-screen controls on its FS-40 automatic cheese shredder. This cutting edge technology makes operating and servicing the FS-40 easier than ever. The user-friendly graphical interface uses a simple graphic representation of the equipment and allows immediate visual feedback for each process of the machine in real-time.

— Deville Technologies Inc., 2626 Lapierre St., LaSalle, Quebec H8N 2W9, Canada, phone: (514) 366-4545, fax: (514) 366-9606, Web site:
Vacuum Conveyors
PIAB has enhanced the packaging process with its C-Series of vacuum conveyors. Due to the conveyors’ quiet nature and effective performance, they are ideal for packaging applications in a variety of different industries, including pharmaceutical, food and dairy. PIAB’s conveyors are used in the preliminary stage of the packaging process, which requires that a filler tube or hopper be loaded with the product being packaged. Powered by the company’s pneumatically driven vacuum pumps, PIAB’s vacuum conveyors safely and quietly transport up to 10 to 15 tons per hour of material into the hopper or filler tube. Once the material being packaged is conveyed, it is then ready to be delivered into pouches and sealed.

— PIAB USA Inc., 65 Sharp St., Hingham, Mass., 02043, phone: (800) 321-7422, Web site:
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