Cheese Shredder
Introduced in the United States at Process Expo 2006, Urschel’s new USDA-approved CCX-D Cheese Shredder offers many impressive features. From exterior to interior, the Urschel-engineered design offers ergonomic, user-friendly features along with addressing ever-important sanitation concerns. The exterior of the CCX-D is made of highly polished stainless steel specifically designed to deter bacterial growth. An attached swing-away feed hopper eases maintenance and lends to sanitary design. Top-hinged dual panels provide efficient access to drive parts. These panels are rigidly attached, eliminating the need for removal from the machine. The shredder also offers an easily accessible integrated electrical panel without adding bulk to the overall dimensions of the machine. The machine mounts using tapped holes, so no exposed threads exist for potential bacterial growth.

— Urschel Laboratories Inc., 2503 Calumet Ave., P.O. Box 2200, Valparaiso, Ind., 46384-2200, phone: (219) 464-4811, Web site:
Liquid Pre-Treatment
Ecolab has introduced its Exelerate™ HS, a specialized, peroxyacid-acid based liquid pre-treatment designed to penetrate protein-based dairy soils and speed up the cleaning process for dairy pasteurizers and other heated process equipment. This new innovation is the latest in the highly successful Exelerate line of products, which have been providing customers with superior results for over seven years. The new product also offers benefits to customers in both water and effluent surcharge savings. Because Exelerate HS is a pre-treatment program, it replaces up to 30 percent of the alkaline detergent necessary for the wash cycle, which helps reduce effluent surcharge and neutralization costs. Exelerate HS’s unique formula provides cleaner, shinier surfaces by removing the cooked-on protein soils, as well as fat and carbohydrates found in virtually all dairy processing plants. The product is non-corrosive to stainless steel and compatible with most sealing and gasket materials when used at recommended concentrations. A solution of Exelerate HS is applied prior to the caustic wash in regular circulation, spray and soak applications. The patent-pending, acidic pH and chelating agents work to ease soil release on hard-to-clean vessel and pipe walls by removing mineral scale.

— Ecolab Inc., 370 N. Wabasha St., St. Paul, Minn., 55102-2233, phone: (651)293-2233, fax: (651)293-2092, Web site:
Linear Actuator
The Kerk Linear Actuator is designed for positioning requirements in electronics, semiconductor, medical, packaging, assembly equipment, automotive and other challenging applications. The Kerk Linear Actuator is the first linear actuator to incorporate Kerk’s trademark qualities of high precision, long life, innovative design and patented technology in a value-priced rod-type linear actuator. The Kerk Linear Actuator is leadscrew driven and provides an electromechanical alternative to a pneumatic actuator, improving accuracy and motion control in packaging industry applications. The ability to precisely move the actuator to any position and vary the speeds within the stroke, allows for flexibility and adjustability to accommodate the multitude of sizes, shapes and package changes. The actuator eliminates the noise, air quality and cost associated with pneumatics. The Kerk Linear Actuator is maintenance free and does not require lubrication. It is reliable and provides long life even in harsh environments.

— Kerk Motion Products Inc., 1 Kerk Drive, Hollis, N.H., 03049, (603) 465-7227, Fax: (603) 465-3598, Web site:  
Cruise Control Option
PIAB’s Cruise Control (PCC™) is an integrated control option designed to fine-tune vacuum pump performance and lower energy consumption. Offering many advantages for leak-prone materials, such as corrugated cardboard, PCC is ideally suited for automated handling of porous materials in a variety of industrial manufacturing applications. PIAB’s PCC automatically maintains a pre-set level of vacuum to ensure that a consistent vacuum level — and therefore a secure grip — is provided at the suction point. This feature is reliable during fluctuations in vacuum pressure, caused by product variations or changes in cycle time. Additionally, the PCC allows the pump to always only consume the energy that the optimized vacuum level requires.

— PIAB USA Inc., 65 Sharp St., Hingham, Mass., 02043, phone: (800) 321-7422, Web site:
New Flyer Highlights
Sioux Steam Cleaner has introduced a custom application-specific brochure. The new brochure highlights the company’s complete custom capabilities for building water and solution heating systems, pressure washers, steam cleaners, and steam generators. Sioux offers extensive experience in the industry as well as complete engineering capabilities. Custom-designed machines are available with customer-specified components, custom frames and mountings, custom electrical setups, high-performance ratings, self-contained systems, or special codes and certifications. Sioux’s rugged, dependable, high-performance, industrial-quality machines are easy to install, operate and maintain.

— Sioux Steam Cleaner Corp., One Sioux Plaza, Beresford, S.D., 57004, (605) 763-3333, fax: (605) 763-3334
Touch Screen Controls
Deville Technologies now offers touch screen controls on its FS-40 automatic cheese shredder. This cutting edge technology makes operating and servicing the FS-40 easier than ever. The user-friendly graphical interface uses a simple graphic representation of the equipment and allows immediate visual feedback for each process of the machine in real-time.

— Deville Technologies Inc., 2626 Lapierre St., LaSalle, Quebec, H8N 2W9, Canada, phone: (514) 366-4545, fax: (514) 366-9606, Web site:
Total Color Brush Line
Remco Products offers the Total Color Brush line to help meet the needs of the food-processing industry. With block and bristles made of the same color, these high-quality, color-coded brooms and brushes are perfect for today’s stringent HACCP environments.  These products feature several designs and bristle types to provide maximum efficiency and durability. Available in five colors, these items are part of the Vikan® hygiene system.

— Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., Zionsville, Ind., 46077, phone: (317) 876-9856, fax: (800) 585-8619, Web site:
Open-Automation Platform
IndraMotion MLD from Bosch Rexroth merges drive functions, motion control and processing logic into a modern, open-automation platform for modular machine concepts. The drive-integrated motion and logic eliminates the need for higher-level controls. Based on Rexroth’s latest drive-based Motion Logic platform, IndraMotion MLD enables space-saving solutions with up to eight axes — perfect for applications such as carton erecting and labeling. The IndraMotion MLD sets new standards across the board, delivering greater flexibility and increased productivity.

— Bosch Rexroth Corp., 38000 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, Mich., 48331, phone: (248) 876-1000, fax: (248) 876-1116, Web site:
Belted Chamber System
Processors and others requiring automated vacuum pouch sealing can now take advantage of Multivac’s B400 belted chamber system. The versatile B400 offers enormous functionality at an affordable price. The B400 features Multivac’s industry-leading hygienic design with vacuum ports built into the lid and retractable side skirts for easy cleaning.

— Multivac Inc., 11021 N.W. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, Mo., 64153, Web site:
Roller Conveyor
The FKI Logistex Accuzone 24-volt powered roller conveyor provides zero pressure, zero contact accumulation and is one of the quietest conveyor systems available today. Its modular, “plug-n-convey” design uses brushless drive roller technology and allows for maximum layout flexibility as well as easy, low-cost start-up and maintenance. The heart of the Accuzone’s operation is in its electrical wiring and controls design.

— FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Mo., 63132, phone: (877) 935-4564, Web site:
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