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Flat-Top Conveyor
Companies engaged in filling, labeling, assembling, packing or inspecting cans, bottles or packages up to 12 inches wide can speed the process with Bilt-Rite’s FTC-760-SR straight-running flat-top chain conveyor. The modular system offers seven chain widths ranging from 3 1/4 inches to 12 inches wide and bed sections in 3-, 4- and 6-foot lengths. The system is designed for ease of set-up, along with product and worker safety. Modules are bolted and pre-assembled, while fixed or adjustable guard rails minimize chance of products falling from the conveyor. The motor reducer drive, powered by an end-mounted 1/3-horsepower motor, has a fully enclosed chain guard. Other adjustable features include case aluminum pedestal base supports and steel, stainless-steel and thermoplastic top plates in a range of sizes. The chain moves in a single direction at 50 feet per minute using the standard drive or can run with an optional variable-speed drive. — Bilt-Rite Conveyors Inc., 141 Lanza Ave., Garfield, N.J., 07026, phone: (973) 546-1000, fax: (973) 546-2539­
Micro Fittings and Valves
Bradford introduces its new line of 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch micro fittings and valves. Made of 316L stainless steel, they are ideal for use in high-purity industries such as dairy, food and beverage. There are three styles of clamps and numerous ferrule configurations. Adapters are available in many styles for use with hose, weld, clamp or pipe connections. Elbows, tees, reducing tees, concentric and eccentric round out the line. Fittings are available in a variety of finishes and end configurations. Ball valves come as two-way, fully encapsulated, non-encapsulated, carbon-reinforced Teflon and three-way with various flow patterns. Bradford has recently expanded its national distribution system, which now encompasses 13 locations in the United States and Canada. — Bradford, a Dixon Company, 4465A N. 124th St., Brookfield, Wis., 53005, phone: (262) 790-0101 or (800) 789-1046, fax: (262) 790-1046, Web site:
Routing and Scheduling Software
TruckStops® Routing and Scheduling Software version 2.9 adds new functionality and features in the TruckStops graphics window and reports, making the software even more powerful and easier to use. Within the TruckStops graphics window, users can now view their routes displayed against different types of mapping backgrounds. Users can also make manual changes to the routes more easily in both the report and graphics views with added drag-and-drop functionality. TruckStops’ new map background function­ality allows users to enable Microsoft’s MapPoint, ALK’s PC*Miler, or PC*Miler/Streets maps as a background map to the TruckStops graphics window as alternatives to the more traditional TruckStops Landmarks. Another feature is drag-and-drop functionality within the TruckStops reports; this feature is now extended to the report view. Available for Windows® 95/98/ME/XP/NT/00, TruckStops can be used either dynamically — for scheduling vehicles on routes that change daily — or strategically, for planning and updating fixed delivery routes. — MicroAnalytics, 2200 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 1002, Arlington, Va., 22200-3364, phone: (703) 841-0414, e-mail:, Web site:
Ice Cream Cup Packaging System
A complete packaging line for ice cream cups has been developed by Formost Packaging Machines. Multi-packs of ice cream cups are packaged quickly and easily with the Formost Ice Cream Cup Bagging System. The cups are automatically collated, aligned, tipped onto their sides and grouped, then are transferred from the infeed conveyor into the Formost Variety Bagger. Specially designed paddles move the cups into the bag with a gentle hand-like motion. A free video of the system is available. — Formost Packaging Machines Inc., 19211 144th Ave. N.E., Woodinville, Wash., 98072, phone: (425) 483-9090, fax: (425) 486-5656, e-mail:
High Barrier Film Lines
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc. (PPPI), has added four blown film lines at its Neenah, Wis., plant to keep up with growing demand in the marketplace for multi-layer high barrier films. The highly advanced technology of the blown film equipment creates better roll profile all the way across the web, resulting in the most consistent heat seals, and ensuring there are no tracking issues on equipment. The resulting smooth edges and flatter, less baggy material laminates without wrinkles. Pechiney also has seen demand for sealant film in a poly or adhesive lamination, such as for cheese packaging. — Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc., 8770 West Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, Ill., 60631, phone: (773) 399-8000, Web site:
Paperboard Butter Container
Paper Machinery Corp. (PMC) has made its move into butter packaging with its heat-sealed paperboard whipped butter container. The 8-ounce round container is made of heat-sealed polyethylene-coated paperboard and features a recessed bottom. PMC’s patented heat-seal technology allows formation of polyethylene-coated paperboard similar to that used to form ice cream containers. This material provides the appropriate moisture barrier. Heat sealing eliminates the difficulty and mess of working with glue, thereby increasing line efficiency and improving container appearance while reducing costs. Whipped butter has traditionally been the only product in its category that would be packaged in a two-piece paperboard canister due to paperboard absorption. The use of skived and hemmed materials, plus new coatings, improve package barrier properties, eliminate edge wicking and increase the family of products that can be packaged in such a canister. The company’s PMC-1250 machine can form these containers at a rate of 125 units per minute, incorporating a recessed bottom for better compression strength in distribution. Non-round canisters also are possible. — Paper Machinery Corp., 8900 W. Bradley Road, Milwaukee, Wis., 53224, phone: (414) 362-8247, fax: (414) 354-8614
Windowed Cartons
Blue Ridge Paper Products’ DairyPak Division has introduced a see-through film window on gable-top cartons. The transparent film window is liquid tight and available in all conventional U.S. and metric sizes. The various shapes and sizes of the windows allow a broad range of package designs and market applications. — Blue Ridge Paper Products Inc., 41 Main St., P.O. Box 1429, Canton, N.C., 28716, phone: (828) 454-0676, fax: (828) 646-6101
Close-Coupled Pump Drive
Designed to free up critical plant space, resolve alignment issues and increase process productivity, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell introduces Tru-Fit™, its new close-coupled pump drive. With an average of 20 to 25 percent reduction in overall pump length, Tru-Fit has a smaller footprint than traditional coupled pumps and is available with a right angle gear reducer to conserve even more space. Tru-Fit’s unique self-aligning shaft eliminates the need for couplings and guards as well as the high-maintenance costs associated with shaft misalignment. Tru-Fit’s maintenance-friendly adapter and compact and open base design allows for easy cleaning. Unique features for Tru-Fit for the dairy, beverage and food industries include more than 70 gear ratios for each size, 1/5 to 60 horsepower motors, optional stainless-steel base and three-bolt mounting to minimize pump change-out time. — Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, 611 Sugar Creek Road, Delavan, Wis., 53115, phone: (262) 728-1900, fax: (262) 728-4904, Web site:
High-Resolution Printing System
The PZ Pilot high-resolution ink jet printing system from Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc. is available as either an oil-based system for printing on porous surfaces like corrugated cases, or a solvent-based system for non-porous surfaces like plastics, PET bottles, PVC pipe, metals and foils. PZ Pilot can print up to four lines of text on any surface, offering better print quality than competitive dot-matrix continuous ink jet or high-resolution printing systems. Its 128 addressable jets per print head and 180 dpi resolution produce razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes and clean logos and graphics. Heavy-duty construction ensures continuous operation in abusive industrial environments, while gasket seals and protected data connection make the unit splash-proof and dust-resistant. Modular construction makes part replacement and repairs quick and easy. — Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc., 1173 Osborne Road, Spring Lake Park, Minn., 55432, phone: (800) 877-5658 or (763) 795-8856, fax: (763) 795-8867, Web site:
360-degree Printed Labels
Ameri-Seal Inc. offers 360-degree graphics enhancing promotional and shelf appeal for food and beverage products. Used as tamper evident as well as promotional applications, Ameri-Seals promote consumer confidence while creating outstanding shelf appeal. PVC/PETG/OPS clear and printed heat-shrinkable labels promote thousands of products and are available as neckbands as well as full body sleeves. Ameri-Seal Inc. offers design services to help customers create their own product sleeve. Printed and clear seals come in a wide range of lay-flat sizes, rotogravure printed in up to nine colors. Colored film is also available in a wide variety of shades. Ameri-Seals are perfect for manual applications, as well as those calling for automatic and high-speed machinery. — Ameri-Seal Inc., 9631 Topanga Canyon Place, Chatsworth, Calif., 91311, phone: (800) 220-7981 or (818) 700-9036
New Design for Fast Lining
At 15 cases per minute, the newly designed OK 220 Case Liner from O/K International is one of the fastest case liners available. The OK 220 makes bags from a roll of gusseted polyethylene tubing, places the bag into a case, crate, drum or tray and cuffs the bag over the edges. The cost-effective OK 220 Case Liner helps reduce inventory, as it’s suitable for standard applications within a defined case range. The case liner is also clean and durable and because of its easy roll change, requires only minimal down time. — O/K International Corp. Stainless Steel Packaging Systems, 73 Bartlett St., Marlboro, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286 or (800) 521-2908, fax: (508) 303-8207, e-mail:, Web site:
Homogenizer Technology
APV, a subsidiary of Invesys, has launched its latest Rannie/Gaulin 185Q homogenizer, capable of functioning at rates of up to 50,000 liters per hour. This new design combines low energy and water consumption with reliable operation. The 185Q is equipped with the latest Micro-Gap valve, capable at operating at reduced pressure while increasing efficiency. A two-stage operation is an alternative for extra-fine particle dispersion. Sophisticated automated maintenance and performance monitoring is APV’s latest step in the development of an “intelligent” homogenizer. The 185Q is equipped with a soundproof cabinet as standard, plus an environmentally friendly cooling system that engages only when oil temperature moves outside a certain range. Simple construction, minimal wear parts and easy-access doors simplify maintenance. — Invensys, 33 Commercial St., Foxboro, Mass., 02035, phone: (508) 543-2700, fax: (508) 543-2735, Web site:
Mobile Training Platform
Safeline has launched its new Mobile Training Platform, a customized bus with a variety of Safeline equipment on board that will travel throughout the United States visiting food and pharmaceutical plants. With this convenient new hands-on training opportunity, Safeline enables processors and packagers to easily gain specific knowledge on how they can best limit product contamination in their plants. The self-contained Mobile Training Platform, staffed full-time by two technical trainers, features five different Safeline metal detectors and a Safeline Clearview X-ray machine. In addition to a comprehensive training program, the training platform offers interactive machine demonstrations, product testing, line audits and sensitivity statements. Safeline has published a calendar with general dates and regional visit locations; processors and packagers interested in scheduling a visit should call Safeline or send an e-mail to — Safeline, 6005 Benjamin Road, Tampa, Fla., 33634, phone: (813) 889-9500, e-mail:, Web site:
Dual-Technology Bar Coding
Diagraph offers a dual-technology product identification solution that allows customers to enjoy the double benefits of 100 percent ANSI verifiable bar codes on their shipping cases and cost savings compared to other common marking and coding methods. This solution uses existing Diagraph coding and labeling systems to address a common challenge for shippers: providing customers with verifiable ANSI Grade C or better bar codes while economizing on less demanding human-readable descriptions and codes. The dual-technology solution combines printing technologies, designed to provide maximum performance at an economical price. The IJ3000 controller allows users the flexibility of driving multiple printing technologies including Integrated Valve print heads, Impulse Jet high-resolution print heads and the PA/5000LT Label Printer/Applicator. Using the Diagraph dual technology solution, shippers can finally count on bar-code compliance. — Diagraph, a division of Illinois Tool Works, 1 Missouri Research Park Drive, St. Charles, Mo., 63304-5685, phone: (800) 722-1125, fax: (636) 300-2004, e-mail:, Web site:
New Large-Capacity Cheese Portioner
General Machinery introduces its new large-capacity Model 3010 TU-WAY Cheese Portioner that can simultaneously cut either two 40-pound 7-by-11-by14-inch cheddar blocks or two 20-pound 3-by-7-by-20-inch mozzarella blocks. Cheese blocks can be manually loaded or inserted on an optional roller bed infeed table. The cheese is then automatically cut in two directions inside a safety enclosure; portions are discharged onto a level table or gravity chute. The Model 3010 TU-WAY is designed to work with associated packaging machines, shredders, dicers, melting vats and other equipment. — General Machinery Corp., 1831 N. 18th St., Sheboygan, Wis., 53081, phone: (920) 458-2189 or (888) 243-6622, fax: (920) 458-8316, e-mail:, Web site:
Faster Refractive Index Measuring
The Refracto 30PX from Mettler Toledo is a compact, easy-to-use refractometer for more precise measurements in laboratory and production environments. This new meter can also store and transfer results to a PC or printer. Users can put the Refracto 30PX on a flat surface and place a drop of sample onto the measurement cell or immerse the sensor directly into the fluid. The result is visible in the desired units on the backlit display. The Refracto 30PX demonstrates flexibility in quality control, direct display, quick concentration determination, simple-sugar content determination and user-specific calculations. The meter also effectively measures dark samples accurately. During measurement, the Refracto 30PX determines the temperature and corrects the refractive index to a standard temperature of 20 degrees C or other user-defined temperatures. The Refracto 30PX, can display in more than 12 different units, including refractive index, Brix %, HFCS, KMW or a user-defined unit. Users can also store up to 1,100 results, including sample identification, measurement unit, temperature compensation coefficient, date and time, and user numeric and/or alphabetic identification. The built-in infrared port can be used to transfer data to a printer or computer. — Mettler-Toledo Inc.,1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43240, phone: (800) 523-5123, fax: (614) 438-4900, e-mail:, Web site:
Plastic Closure for Dairy Market
Alcoa Closure Systems International (CSI) has expanded its presence in the fluid milk closure market with its new Seal-MAX™ 38mm screw-on/screw-off closure. This closure was designed to prevent leakage in milk containers, yet is easy to open and offers improved tamper evidence. The closure’s robust molded-in liner provides a tight seal even when there are minor imperfections in the bottle finish. In addition, the Seal-MAX closure features Alcoa’s patented Extra-Lok™ tamper band, which provides superior, consistent tamper evidence. Alcoa’s Seal-MAX closure is designed for single-serve to gallon-size HDPE and PET containers, and is available in a variety of colors. — Alcoa Closure Systems International, 6625 Network Way, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Ind., 46278, phone: (317) 390-5000, fax: (317) 390-5137, Web site:
Ultra Hygiene Squeegee
Providing maximum hygiene in a single blade, Remco’s Ultra Hygiene Squeegee is now available in a new smaller size. It’s the ideal squeegee for moving liquids and solids in tabletop work areas and for cleaning vats and equipment. The ultra-hygienic one-piece design discourages the harboring of bacteria and allows for ease of cleaning. With the blade and 6.5-inch handle made from the same color, this color-coded squeegee provides maximum traceability in today’s stringent HACCP environments. Available in five colors, it is a part of the Vikan® hygiene system. The squeegee and other Remco products are available through supplier Nelson-Jameson. — Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., P.O. Box 698, Zionsville, Ind., 46077, phone: (317) 876-9856, fax: (317) 876-9858 or (800) 585-8619, e-mail:, Web site:; Nelson-Jameson Inc., 2400 E. 5th St., P.O. Box 647, Marshfield, Wis., 54449, phone: (800) 826-8302
Garvey Corp.’s new orienter/feeder option automatically feeds oddly shaped packages into downstream equipment in a single file with proper orientation. It’s an option on Garvey’s new Infinity series accumulator, which can handle a wide range of containers or packages at rates in excess of 300 products per minute. The unit comes with one to five minutes of zero back-pressure accumulation, depending on size. — Garvey Corp., 208 S. Route 73, Blue Anchor, N.J., 08037, phone: (800) 257-8581, Web site:
Orbital Wrapper Software
Free software developed by packaging machinery manufacturer Ciratec Corp. enables packaging engineers, plant managers, material-handling engineers, machinery and film distributors and other professionals to quickly determine the ideal size of orbital wrapping machine needed to accommodate their extrusions, cartons, palletized loads, loose and bulky items and other products. Called PYTH, based on the Pythagorean theorem, this proprietary software provides the minimum inner diameter required to safely and securely wrap and unitize a product while preventing the purchase of excess machine capacity. The 40k PYTH software installs easily. It’s available free by e-mailing the company. — Ciratec Corp., 41 Industrial Road, Phillipsburg, N.J., 08865-4080, phone: (908) 859-4600, fax: (908) 454-9819, e-mail:, Web site:
Corporate Management Software
The CSB-System software package has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of the food and beverage industry while allowing for adequate room for growth and future enhancements. The modular approach allows the software to be easily integrated into any existing IT structure. The combination of all available standard modules — including Enterprise Resource Planning, Production Planning and Control, Automated Data Capture and Computer Integrated Manufacturing — yields a high-performance corporate management system. Advantages of CSB-System include maximized growth potential, flexible material planning and capacity resources and paperless HACCP. CSB-System also offers solutions for accounting and finance, human resources and customer relationship management. — CSB-System International, 3131 Camino del Rio North, Suite 580, San Diego, Calif., 92108, phone: (800) 852-9977 or (619) 640-0436, fax: (800) 851-6299 or (619) 640-0476, e-mail:, Web site:
High-Performance Food Machinery Greases
Food processors can operate critical application equipment for extended periods of time without significant wear and damage with Anderol’s high-performance food machinery greases. Anderol® 783 is designed with synthetic base fluids and advanced anti-wear chemistries to reduce equipment friction and overall operating temperatures. Even in extreme temperature and pressure applications, Anderol® 783 doesn’t soften or evaporate, which extends lubrication cycles, reduces equipment wear and minimizes maintenance costs. Anderol’s grease products are based on white oils such as the PQ® 40 AA and PQ® AA series. White-oil based food machinery greases have been formulated with advanced anti-wear chemistries to reduce equipment friction and overall operating temperatures. All Anderol greases are rust and oxidation inhibited to preserve the life and performance of critical application equipment including bearings, gears, hinges, packings, slicers and valves. In application, the greases demonstrate superior load-carrying properties, resistance to oil bleed and separation and good water and steam washout properties. Anderol also designs its greases to meet NSF International, Halal and kosher safety requirements. — Anderol Inc., 215 Merry Lane, P.O. Box 518, East Hanover, N.J., 07936, phone: (973) 887-7410 or (888) 263-3765, fax: (973) 887-6930, e-mail:, Web site:
Thru-Beam Sensors
Hyde Park has adapted its SM300 line into the new SM400 Microsonic® Thru-Beam family, bringing ranges up to 8 inches to small object applications where space is limited. The SM400 set is 92 percent smaller than the original Microsonic line unveiled in 1975. The SM 400 offers precise rapid sensing of objects in harsh environments, regardless of color, shape or opacity. Its output response time of 4 milliseconds allows for detection of objects moving at speeds of more than 2,000 units per minute. “Smart” sensor enhancements include solid-state sink and source outputs in normally open or closed configurations. With protection ratings of NEMA 4X and IP67, these CE-certified sensors are resistant to dust, 100 percent humidity, most acids and bases, and high-pressure washdowns. Unlike photoelectrics, these miniature thru-beam sensors are virtually unaffected by splashing food, caustic cleaning solutions and changing light conditions or colors. Shielding and filtering make the fully encapsulated sensors highly immune to radiated of conducted energy. — Hyde Park Electronics Inc., 1875 Founders Drive, Dayton, Ohio, 45420-4017, phone: (937) 252-2121, fax: (937) 258-5830, e-mail:, Web site:
Part-Sensing Light Screen
Each diode of Banner’s LX Series high-speed, high-resolution, part-sensing light screens becomes a part of up to 11 light beams to generate a near solid crosshatch pattern to achieve detection of parts as small as 5.6mm. The LX also features response speeds as low as 0.8 milliseconds, making it well-suited for applications where high-speed miniature object detection is required. Available in 3-, 6- and 12-inch lengths, LX models feature al aluminum housing with a convenient T-slot for mounting flexibility. Short and standard range light screen pairs are available, depending on application requirements. — Banner Engineering Corp., 9714 10th Ave. North, Minneapolis, Minn., 55441, phone: (763) 544-3164 or (888) 373-6767, fax: (763) 544-3213, e-mail:, e-commerce:, Web site:
Moisture-Resistant Hydraulic Oils
The Molykote® family of high moisture-resistant hydraulic oils are formulated to lower overall maintenance costs versus convention mineral oil lubricants due to longer oil-drain intervals, wider operating temperature ranges, reduced oil consumption and extended equipment lifetime. These oils help eliminate problems associated with high-humidity environments where conventional solvent-refined lubricants tend to bond with water, causing emulsification and breakdown resulting in a build-up of varnish, sludge or deposits. Oxidation testing shows Molykote oils last three to five times longer than other fluids, and can eliminate required oil change otherwise required due to emulsification in water-contaminated applications in food processing plants. While mineral oils are manufactured by refining, Molykote oils are custom engineered at a molecular level for targeted performance specifications. Several of the products are formulated in accordance with FDA regulations for food-grade lubricants with incidental food contact. The Molykote family also includes kosher-approved oils. They are available in pour points down to –60 degrees F and viscosity grades from 32 to 68 ISO. — Dow Corning Corp., Corporate Center, P.O. Box 994, Midland, Mich., 48686-0994, phone: (989) 496-4400, fax: (989) 496-6731, Web site:
Fristam Pumps Inc., Middleton, Wis., has announced the recipients of its 2003 Fristam Distributor Award for outstanding sales performance: Dairy Engineering Co., Colorado; Delphy Bombas y Equipos S.A., Mexico City; DSI Process Systems, Missouri; and Statco Engineering & Fabricators, California.
Astaris LLC has completed its 2003 NFPA-SAFE (National Food Processors Association Supplier Audits for Food Excellence) audits for all of its food, pharmaceutical and technical-grade phosphate manufacturing facilities. St. Louis-based Astaris’ facilities are working toward their second consecutive year of being evaluated as having “world-class systems.”
Columbia, Pa.-based Facilities Design Inc. has merged with sister company Facilities Design & Construction Co., effective January 1. The combined company will operate under the name Facilities Design. For 16 years, Facilities Design has offered complete architectural engineering and materials handling design, specializing in the food industry. Facilities Design and Construction has completed projects for its sister company for five years. The two companies have completed more than 1,000 projects nationally and internationally.
Southwest Cheese Co. has awarded a $70 million contract to Carlisle Process Systems (CPS), Winsted, Minn., for construction of a new cheese and whey plant in Clovis, N.M. CPS will be responsible for engineering, equipment supply, installation and automation of the processing plant from milk intake to packaged cheese and whey powder stores. The plant will produce blocks of cheddar cheese in a $200 million, 300,000-square-foot facility expected to begin operation in late 2005. The plant is a joint venture of Glanbia Foods USA, Kilkenny, Ireland; Dairy Farmers of America, Kansas City, Mo., and Select Milk, Artesia, N.M. In other news, CPS has purchased Moody Direct’s equity share of Moodyparts LLC, Rockford, Ill. Moodyparts was formed in 2000 as a joint venture between Carlisle in the United States and Paul Moody in the United Kingdom as a platform for spare parts sales for the dairy industry. Moodyparts will trade under the name CPS Service & Spares.
Fort Dearborn Co. has entered into a strategic acquisition partnership with boutique investment bank Thomas Blaige & Co. of Chicago. Based in Niles, Ill., Fort Dearborn produces high-impact decorative labels for high-velocity consumer goods marketers.
Poly Hi Solidur Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind., has received 3A-Dairy certification for its TIVAR® CleanStat® and TIVAR H.O.T. (Higher Operating Temperature), which are FDA- and USDA-compliant. TIVAR H.O.T. is a proprietary polymeric formulation designed to excel in industrial manufacturing environments where temperatures range up to 275 degrees F, nearly 100 degrees F higher than standard UHMW-PE formulations. Static-resistant TIVAR CleanStat has a lower coefficient of friction than stainless steel and aluminum and ensures sticky food materials such as nuts and raisins flow freely and predictably along the ultra-slick surface.
Tuchenhagen Flow Components LLC is the new name of Tuchenhagen North America LLC, in keeping with the recent reorganization of the GEA group of companies. The name change represents its core business activity, focusing on the sale and support of Tuchenhagen components in North America. The company has relocated to Portland, Maine.
Seepex Inc., Enon, Ohio, has been audited by NSF International Strategic Registrations Ltd. as meeting quality requirements for ISO 9001:2000. According to the International Standards Organization, only manufacturers can meet this designation and it is generally regarded as the highest level of attainable quality. Seepex is a subsidiary of Seeberger GmbH + Co of Bottrop, Germany, which has held the ISO 9001 designation since 1995. Seepex manufactures progressive cavity pumps.
USG Corp., maker of gypsum-based building products, has selected Transora’s data synchronization network to synchronize data with foodservice and hardlines retailers, to standardize how item information is exchanged. Transora and USG Corp. are both based in Chicago.
St. Louis-based Astaris has received superior ratings for its food, pharmaceutical and technical grade phosphate manufacturing facilities on its annual AIB International audits for the 10th consecutive year. AIBI recognizes food and ingredient manufacturers for the completeness and effectiveness of food safety, quality, management and pest control programs, as well as operational methods, personnel, food safety maintenance and cleaning practices.
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