Plant Equipment

Anderson Instrument launched a new mag meter for sanitary process measurement needs. Its compact electronics and flow tube construction design produces a flow meter that is suitable for spatially demanding installations, while its stainless steel washdown construction operates in the most demanding environmental applications. Plus, the standard graphical display uses optical and “soft” keys, eliminating the need to open the enclosure to make a change and producing quick and intuitive programming.
Anderson Instrument Co.

Tel-Tru Manufacturing expanded its silicon glass-fused sensor series of pressure transmitters. The Tel-Tru P612, for instance, is welded to a 316 stainless steel body and includes no O-rings or seals, providing leak-proof reliability. It also is field re-rangeable, providing the utmost in application flexibility. The P621 is designed and manufactured in accordance with 3-A standards and is compatible with clean-in-place and sterilization-in-place maintenance procedures. The transmitter also can be ordered with pressure ranges up to 1,000 pounds per square inch and in a variety of tri-clamp or Cherry-Burrell process connections.
Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.

SPX Flow Technology introduced additional options for the Nettco i-Series Portable and Fixed Mount Mixers that satisfy a wide range of mixing and mounting requirements using a distinctive modular assembly design. Multiple mounting configurations include clamp style, open tank or sealed designs for maximum flexibility. The unique mixer design can be quickly converted from one mounting arrangement to another in as little as two minutes. Additionally, the i-Series mixer is designed for OEM systems suppliers and end-users in general industries.
SPX Flow Technology

Westfalia Deam Systems introduced a newly designed Case Palletizing System that’s constructed of all stainless steel materials. This system can handle both plastic and wood pallets, and is capable of palletizing two full pallets per minute, each pallet holding nine stacks of cases stacked six high with 54 cases on each pallet. Additionally, the system is designed for washdown environments found in the dairy and beverage industries.
Westfalia Technologies Inc.

R & D Ingredients

The European Food Safety Authority approved Lipid Nutrition’s Clarinol CLA. The core conclusion of the EFSA Panel is that the safety of Clarinol has been established for the proposed intake necessary to attain the results as described by the weight management health claims, which are still under evaluation by EFSA as part of the article list of generic health claims. This positive evaluation is an important step in the novel food approval procedure.
Lipid Nutrition B.V. North America

Virginia Dare continues to lead the way with even more great tasting flavors for coconut water. The lineup now includes Maqui Berry, Strawberry White Tea, Nectarine Rose, Orange Blossom Rooibos, Earl Grey Black Tea, Guava, Papaya Passionfruit and Cherry Vanilla flavors.
Virginia Dare

D.D. Williamson developed an acid-proof, Class One caramel color for North American customers. The new product provides stability below pH 2.5 and up to 65% alcohol by volume. For those customers exporting to the European Union, the new caramel color may be labeled as “Color Plain Caramel” or “Burnt Sugar” depending on the food or beverage application.
D.D. Williamson Colors

Graceland Fruit launched apple juice-infused cherry halves. This new ingredient fits well with products that promote a healthy lifestyle, such as fiber-rich cereals and muffins, low-fat breakfast bars and high-energy trail mixes.
Graceland Fruit