PBI-Dansensor offers gas monitoring equipment that mixes, analyzes, and controls optimal gas levels, effects gas and material cost savings, and eliminates mold to extend shelf-life stability.

PBI-Dansensor America Inc.

www.pbi-dansensor.usThe Terlotherm vertical scraped surface heat exchanger’s design features allow this equipment to handle various process applications. Types of products that can be processed are cheese, eggs, creamers, condensed milk, and fermented dairy drinks. The unit’s advantages include a vertical design for small foot print space, maintenance friendly, and large heat exchange area. The unit is bottom driven to eliminate product contamination, and is fully CIPable.

Terlet Co.

Alfa Laval is launching AlfaPure Z3, a separation system specially designed for cleaning and recycling metalworking coolants and wash liquids. By efficient removal of oil, grease and solid particles, the AlfaPure Z3 extends the life of water-based service fluids, cuts production costs and increases productivity. AlfaPure Z3 is a complete centrifugal separation system in a compact mobile module that can handle tank volumes up to 80,000 gal. Installed in bypass flow, it provides continuous, efficient removal of tramp oil, grease and particles from metalworking coolants and wash liquids.

Alfa Laval


IPEC’s 38mm ISO drop lock design screw-on cap complements the company’s existing snap-on and snap-screw closure portfolio. This four lead screw-on closure has a virtually leak proof performance record, claims the company. The closure utilizes a triple seal technology to attain a better fit and provides the needed flexibility to seal on bottles that contain some industry flaws. The cap is designed for any size bottle, from single-serve to gallon, and works well on both HDPE and PET.


Flex-Kleen dust collectors meet the most demanding technical challenges associated with corrosive environments, sanitary conditions, combustible dusts and gases, hygroscopic materials, low bulk density materials, and materials that are under high temperature, high pressure or high vacuum. Dust collector types include bin vent filters, welded modules, high pressure and high vacuum units, cartridge and pleated filters, and cyclones ranging in size from 30 cfm to 100,000 cfm.

Flex-Kleen Division, Met-Pro Corp.


Polypack Inc. introduces a packaging alternative for the dairy industry, the Dairy24 system. The specialized dairy shrink-wrapping and packaging equipment has many advantages, including savings with bundling; savings on materials, inventory space, labor, and time. The company has also developed the Clear-Print wrapper. Composed of an integrated film perforation system, which perforates the film before multipacking products, the machines are able to run film of 1mil thick and require minimum maintenance. Capable of using clear or printed film, these shrink wrappers are compact.