David Michael

Robertet’s white tea flavors blend well with other tea profiles and fruit flavors. The flavors are natural, water-soluble and work well in a variety of applications. White tea is comprised of the young/immature leaves and buds of the tea plant. The tea’s white or silvery grey color is attributed to the high proportion of unopened buds. White tea’s flavor is much milder than both green and black tea.


Linette Quality Chocolates has increased its capabilities for the line of industrial products. The Mini Cup is the company’s newest technology in micro moulding. Linette can customize shapes and flavor profiles.

Linette Quality Chocolate

David Michael & Co. has introduced a line of cocoa extenders, called Cocoa-Mate. These customized flavors, which take into consideration both the type of cocoa and the total percentage of cocoa used in the finished product, are functionally capable of replacing up to 30% of the cocoa powder used in a finished food product. Cocoa-Mate can be customized for a number of applications, including: ice cream, yogurt, beverages, puddings, toppings and bakery goods. Cocoa-Mate is available as either a natural and artificial or artificial flavor in a liquid or powder.

David Michael & Co.


This extraction method from X Café LLC can capture the essence of any single origin coffee from such countries as Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Sumatra and Papua New Guinea, the company claims. Ingredient extracts can be provided with or without preservatives, using 100% Arabica beans or beans of your selection. Concentrate (brix), solids, ingredient quality, roast levels and other variables can be modified.

X Café LLC

Global Calcium through its exclusive U.S. agent, American International Chemical Inc. (AIC), has introduced a new source of Bioavailable Iron to the U.S. market. Tasty Iron, is a proprietary blend of GRAS approved ingredients that have been temperature dried, forming a versatile water soluble iron compound with flexible organoleptic properties. 

American International Chemical Inc.

A team of industry-leading experts with proven track records of performance in the food, nutrition and dietary supplement industries has created Nutri+Food Business Consultants to solve technical challenges. Nutri+Food Business Consultants specializes in assisting clients who need enabling science and technology to solve technical challenges, create differentiating value, or commercialize business strategies and who are seeking to leverage opportunities for science platforms into existing or new markets. Nutri+Food Business Consultants pioneered TechQuest, a global search methodology to identify science, technology, partners and/or acquisitions.

Nutri+Food Business Consultants

Charm Sciences announces International Standards Organization and International Dairy Federation (ISO/IDF) approval and acceptance of the Charm Alkaline Phosphatase test (Paslite) as an international standard method (ISO 22160 /IDF 209) for alkaline phosphatase in milk and dairy products.  The Paslite test was previously approved by U.S. Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), the Australian (Victorian) and New Zealand Food Authorities, and is referenced in Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products. The Paslite is an enzyme photo-activated system (EPAS) method that measures in mU/L enzyme activity and employs a 350mU/L threshold for verifying effective pasteurization.

Charm Sciences Inc.

Flavored dairy beverages are predicted to show double-digit growth during the next decade.   Autocrat offers coffee extracts and organic coffee extracts that are used to flavor ice cream, iced cappuccino drinks, soy beverages and other dairy products. 



WILD Flavors

The Global Organization of EPA and DHA Omega-3 launched their new website: www.goedomega3.com. The site was created to inform visitors about the organization, its mission and membership benefits. Downloadable versions of monographs and white papers can be obtained on the site, as well as research studies and links to abstracts.

Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3

WILD Flavors Inc. has developed an ingredient-based technology called LightShield that prevents the formation of off-flavors in dairy products due to light exposure. LightShield utilizes FDA GRAS ingredients and can be used in both high and low acid products. LightShield offers flexibility over a protective packaging, allowing manufacturers to use any form of packaging for their dairy-based products.

WILD Flavors Inc.