The EBL-213 10-inch x 4-inch "head-only" machine lightis available from Waldmann Lighting. The EBL-213 provides a broad, even light distribution over diverse industrial application environments where a wide-range of illumination is required including inside machining enclosures. The EBL-213 is splash protected (IP-54 rated) and constructed with a cast iron aluminum head to resist the most aggressive conditions that metalworking machinery can create. Two 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps offer 1800 lumens of bright, balanced illumination, which provide 10,000 hours of lamp life and a 5000K color temperature. A high-impact polycarbonate diffuser protects the fluorescent lamps from coolants, dust, dirt, and chips. A 16' cord is also included. Since the EBL-213 is a head-only luminaire, users can easily mount the light with three pre-tapped holes which use M6 screws, or the light can be mounted to a swivel bracket which makes it easy to position the light directly to work areas that need illumination.

Waldmann Lighting Company

Feeding the food industry's appetite for higher throughput and packaging versatility, the high-speedStand-Up Pouch Kingfrom R.A. Jones can double output speeds for the popular pouch style. The industry's first true ultra high-speed, continuous motion form/fill/seal machine can produce up to 500 stand-up pouches per min. and process 3,000 linear inches per minute of packaging material. The Stand-Up version of the Pouch King is ideal for a wide array of food products - dry foods and fruits, frozen foods, snack foods and baked goods, candies and confections, and coffee packs. Based on the field-proven Jones Pouch King platform, the stand-up model more than doubles the output of current technology. The high-speed machine responds to strong food industry shifts to self-standing pouches. The Stand-Up Pouch King provides manufacturers the consumer appeal and convenience of the popular pouch style. It removes compromises in line speeds, manpower and floor space to usher in a new era of production efficiencies and economy.

R.A. Jones & Company Inc.

Bradford offers a full range ofsanitary butterfly valvesfor use in stainless steel process systems. Designed for rugged durability and ease of operation, these valves provide heightened corrosion resistance and extended service life. Bradford's patented clamp style design solves tight space constraints and optimizes operating efficiencies. Offered in CF-8M or CF-# stainless steel, the valves are polished to 3A standards.

Bradford Fittings

The HOBO U12 Stainless Temperature Loggerfrom Onset Computer Corp., is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, autoclave, and other applications where high-accuracy temperature data is critical. With its broad temperature range (-40 to 125°C) and food-grade stainless steel housing, the U12 Stainless Temperature Logger withstands process conditions from pasteurization to flash freezing and washdown. The Stainless Temperature Logger records up to 43,000 temperature measurements.

Onset Computer Corp.

Suprene® TPR tubingis now available from NewAge Industries is for applications involving appliances, peristaltic pumps, foods and beverages, chemical conveyance, pharmaceutical processing, packaging machinery, ink and paint transfer, and many more. Suprene tubing is produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) using first-quality, polypropylene-based TPR (thermoplastic rubber). Suprene offers excellent low-temperature flexibility, is lighter in weight than comparable sizes of rubber tubing, and provides good resistance to tearing and fatigue from repeated flexing. It also offers outstanding compression characteristics and durability, making it an ideal fit for use with peristaltic pumps. These combined properties help make Suprene longer lasting than other plastic and rubber materials in demanding applications. To meet various requirements, it is available in both industrial and FDA grades. All types of Suprene are available in sizes from 1/8" through 3/4" I.D. in 50-foot lengths. The tubing may be used with temperatures ranging from -60°F to 275°F. Custom options include cut-to-length pieces, thermal bonding, and other sizes, colors, and durometers.

NewAge® Industries Inc.