From the production of Agri-Mark's Cabot and McCadam brandsof white Cheddar cheese comes highly functional food ingredients including 80% whey protein concentrate, 34 % whey protein concentrate and dairy product solids (whey permeate). Agri-Mark's $21 million whey processing plant in Middlebury, Vt., began operations in September 2000. A leading private label manufacturer of sports nutrition powders assisted the company in the design of the plant and selection of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This end user needed a low-denaturation, light-colored, creamy-tasting whey protein concentrate. This company had a three-year exclusive marketing agreement that ended June 2003. These ingredients are now available to the food and beverage industries. Applications include ice cream, yogurt and fortified dairy drinks.


A&B Ingredients
A&B Ingredients, a leading provider of rice-basedingredients, has created a new brochure that describes how rice starch can deliver the creamy, crunchy and crispy textures that consumers expect and enjoy. For example, rice starch can be used to replace milkfat in ice cream for a low-fat ice cream with the creamy texture of a regular ice cream. In low-fat yogurts, rice starch can add creaminess.

A&B Ingredients

Diehl Specialties
Capitalizing on the trend of low carbohydrate diets, Diehl Specialties introduces a low-carb dairy beverage called Lo-carb™, which contains only 2g carbohydrates per serving. It is also low in fat (5g), and nutritious with 12g protein and 365g calcium per serving. Diehl is looking for HTST and UHT dairies to partner with to produce this high-margin beverage. All a dairy needs to do is add water and cream to the mix, and pasteurize.

Diehl Specialties, a div. of Diehl Inc.

Amelia Bay has released a new liquid coffee concentrate developed for milk-based cappuccino-style beverages. Amelia Bay's proprietary, patent-pending extraction technology provides extended shelf stability without refrigeration, along with brewed-coffee taste and aroma that exceeds frozen, soluble and shelf-stable coffee concentrates, according to the company. This coffee extract provides true coffee flavor for milk or soymilk and can also be used as a flavor ingredient for ice cream and yogurt. The coffee extract is used at 0.5%, with no precipitation of coffee solids. It is also UHT proven.

Amelia Bay

Jana's Classics Inc.
Jana's has created a brand new category devoted to just brownies,which includes both dough and baked pieces. These pieces exhibit an entire range of what you want in flavor and texture for brownies, from fudgy and cakey, gooey to chewy, chocolaty to cocoa flavor, butter or margarine, chocolate chips or nuts, crunchy exterior, moist interior, edges or middles-Jana's has it covered!

Jana's Classics Inc.

Sidebar: Obesity's Effect on the Food Industry

Fairfield, N.J.-basedABIC International Consultants Inc., a leading R&D consulting services organizations, is un-dertaking an intense, comprehensive, state-of-the-art analysis of obesity in America today and its effect on the food and related industries. Unlike other findings to date, the ABIC study is an interdisciplinary report researching three distinct areas which, when combined, will offer numerous opportunities for the industry. The study will include scientific, consumer and regulatory perspectives. Findings from the study, which is expected to be completed later this year, will only be available to subscribers and sponsors.

For more information, call 973/627-8180.

Sidebar: What Makes Yogurt Work

Danisco, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with U.S. headquarters in New Century, Kan., is underway with a major research project to investigate exactly what makes yogurt work, and how the interaction of certain ingredients holds the key to making yogurt even better. The project has already provided valuable insight into yogurt formulations and the likely outcome when ingredients such as starter cultures, pectin and milk proteins are applied at various dosages. "We can't just say that our ingredients improve the quality of yogurt. We have to prove it," says project mgr., Frederic Loit.

(This is an excerpt from Discover, Issue 4, a Danisco news magazine about added food value. For more information, visit