The high-intensity sweetener Sunett® (acesulfame K), can be combined with nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners in the Sunett multi-sweetener concept, delivering improved taste and reduced calorie consumption to consumers, and economic advantages to food and beverage manufacturers. Blending with Sunett results in superior taste due to the distinctive qualitative synergies produced, not only in diet or light products, but also in classical, fully sugared products, the company says.

Nutrinova Inc.

A cranberry seed oil gamma-cyclodextrin inclusion complex called OmegaDry® Cranberry is now available for a variety of applications including dairy. OmegaDry Cranberry combines the nutritional properties of cranberry seed oil with the functional benefits of microencapsulation on the molecular level. It delivers a highly stable, free-flowing, white-to-cream colored powder, which easily disperses in aqueous systems. It contains 45% cranberry seed oil and delivers naturally occurring omega-3s, tocopherols, tocotrienols, phytosterols and lecithin.

Wacker Specialties

Danisco Sweeteners offers ingredients that assist in the formulation of no-sugar-added dairy products. Litesse® polydextrose, lactitol and xylitol all have low-glycemic indexes and are ideal for developing low-glycemic foods and beverages. Polydextrose and lactitol together help reduce sugar and fat in no-sugar-added ice cream.

Danisco Sweeteners

Foss introduces the FIAstar 5000 Flow Injection Analyzer for fast, safe and economical measurement of nitrates and nitrites in meat, dairy and other foods in accordance with ISO-approved methods. Nitrates and nitrites are necessary food additives used to control bacterial growth; however, in excess, they can be detrimental to health. The FIAstar, with its closed system design, reduces operator contact with harmful reagents. A miniaturized pre-packed copperized cadmium reduction column makes handling safe and disposal easy. Final results are available within 60 seconds of sample injection.

Foss North America

Lycopene is a key antioxidant that researchers are studying regarding prostate health, as well as broader health benefits such as maintaining cardiovascular, lung, breast and stomach health. To help educate the consumers to the benefits of consuming lycopene-fortified foods, Roche Vitamins, a supplier of lycopene, has produced a CD that contains reproducible fact sheets and informational materials that health professionals can distribute to their patients.

Roche Vitamins Inc.

Yuzu is a yellowish-orange flavor that combines the best of grapefruit, tangerine and lemon. It is a hint of exotic Asia and a touch of Far-Eastern beauty. The balanced, fresh taste profile makes it appropriate for application in a variety of beverages including cultured milks and yogurt drinks.

Emil Flachsmann AG
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Quest has developed a range of vanilla flavors based on technology that helps replicate or enhance the high quality and sophisticated profiles of vanilla extracts at affordable prices, the company says. Vantasia Velvet™ is based on the classic bourbon vanilla profile and has an indulgent, creamy and sweet profile that is enhanced by rum, woody and vanilla bean sensations. Vantasia Carmilla™ has a rich, creamy vanilla flavor with buttery, caramel notes. Vantasia Eggstacy™ has a smooth, creamy vanilla profile with rich, egg custard notes. Vantasia Sweet Dreams™ is intensely creamy and sweet with generous notes of rich vanilla flavor.

Quest International

Kerry Sweet is an application-specific division of Kerry North America, which supplies a full range of innovative and value-added ingredients that have application in frozen desserts as well as other products. Inclusions run the gamut of panned and enrobed nuts and candies, baked pieces, extruded cookie dough, chips, nuggets, syrups, bases and agglomerates, as well as coatings for frozen novelties.

Kerry North America

Nutrient systems offer a variety of benefits to dairy foods manufacturers, including streamlining the production process, as such systems are a single source for multiple nutrients. The systems allow for greater consistency and issues like product tastes and texture can be addressed early in the development stage rather than on the production line. And, premixes also help manufacturers develop products to better serve market segments such as seniors or women, and particular consumer health interests such as digestive or heart health.

Fortitech Inc.

Rhodia Food has introduced two new probiotic cultures that use a patented stabilization system to allow for room temperature distribution, thus enabling the distribution of probiotics beyond dairy and supplements. FloraFit™ Balance contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. The ingredient provides excellent survival through the gut and adheres to intestinal cells, the company says. It also inhibits growth of pathogens. FloraFit Boost induces the production of cytokines, which are hormones of the immune system. Research shows that FloraFit Boost works by increasing the level of natural messengers, which then stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms.

Rhodia Food

The new Grindsted® Pectin SY series increases the viscosity in yogurt by approximately 20% to 30%, and reduces the risk of syneresis, thus extending shelflife. It also increases creaminess and smoothness, particularly in high-protein formulations as a result of the positive interaction with whey protein. It also helps stabilize the yogurt network, improving quality at the same time it reduces cost by partial replacement of skim milk powder.


National Starch introduces a specialty starch that permits yogurt producers to replace gelatin in stirred and cup-set yogurts. Yogurt manufacturers use gelatin to manage water and provide a structured texture to yogurt products. Gelatin is notable for its gelling properties and clean flavor profile. New Impression™ specialty starch achieves the same thing. The starch replaces existing stabilizers when used at a level of 1.5%-2.2%. It also allows a 1% reduction in milk solids without any loss of textural properties. Label declaration is: food starch modified cornstarch.

National Starch and Chemical Co.

Forti-Cal Plus™ is a new technology that allows beverage manufacturers to cost-effectively deliver substantial levels of calcium fortification in clear beverages. Forti-Cal Plus enables beverage manufacturers to develop products with a higher Daily Value of calcium without compromising appearance, taste, mouthfeel or cost, says the company. This new innovation features calcium and phosphorus, a combination that delivers optimal results in calcium therapy for healthy bones and teeth.

Astaris LLC
800/244-6169 Whether consumers are seeking sophistication or comfort, hazelnuts provide indulgence to ordinary foods. With their exotic flavor, hazelnuts fulfill desires for upscale products. They can intensify taste and add texture to gourmet ice cream and other frozen desserts. Hazelnuts also meet consumer demand for healthful ingredients, as they are a powerful source of vitamins E & C, are cholesterol free and may even reduce the risk of type-two diabetes.

Hazelnut Council

Cocoa-Mate™ is a line of customized cocoa extenders. These flavors take into consideration both the type of cocoa and the total percentage of cocoa used in the finished product. They are functionally capable of replacing up to 50% of cocoa powder in a finished product, and are available as either N&A or artificial, liquid or powder. Also, your feature flavor ice cream program can now include such specialties as Jazzy Blues Berry, which is rice pudding-flavored ice cream with blueberry variegate and blueberry cake pieces. Candy Bar Rapper is candy bar-flavored chocolate ice cream with caramel variegate and fudge-covered peanuts.

David Michael & Co.

Ottens Flavors introduces berry flavors. The line includes Strawberry, Blueberry, Red and Black Raspberry, White and Red Cranberry, Mountain Berry, Forest Berry, Loganberry, Bilberry, Blackberry, and Boysenberry. These true-to-fruit tasting flavors have varying nuances of jammy, seedy, fresh, juicy, ripe and fleshy notes that enhance sweetness while also fortifying product flavor. Applications include beverages, confectionery, baked goods and dairy. Flavors are available in natural and artificial, and both liquid and spray dried forms.

Ottens Flavors

Wild Flavors recently installed a UHT aseptic processor to simulate the latest technologies in processing beverages. The UHT aseptic processor has the flexibility to heat beverages either by indirect steam or by steam injection. Direct steam injection allows for a very rapid pasteurization of product followed by flash cooling under vacuum. While the short time of 3-7 seconds under high temperatures of 260-270°F provides less thermal abuse to the beverage, including the flavor, as compared to indirect methods, flash cooling does lead to some loss of flavor volatiles. Wild can test for the effect of pasteurization by steam injection and then develop flavors with better stability under commercial conditions. This helps ensure the flavor will deliver a great taste not only in the lab but also in the market.

Wild Flavors Inc.