TIC Pretested Dairyblend IC LC Base is a unique stabilizer blend that the typical ice cream processor can use in low-fat, standard and low-carbohydrate ice cream. A typical ice cream would contain as much as 16g carbohydrates. With Dairyblend IC LC Base you can attain a 40% reduction in carbohydrates. The finished lower-carbohydrate ice cream still delivers all the qualities of a standard full-fat ice cream while giving the consumer the reduced-carbohydrates they are searching for.

TIC Gums

Flavorlean Fat™, a fat replacement with no cholesterol or trans-fatty acids and minimal saturated fat, has been introduced by Flavex Technologies, div. of The Arnhem Group. Flavorlean Fat is available in five formulations, one of which is for dairy products. The ingredient has the look, feel and taste of fat, without any of the unwanted negatives of fat, says the company. It can be listed as a natural flavor solution in nutritional health foods (up to 20% of a flavor solution). For that reason, it provides exceptionally clean labeling.

Flavex Technologies

Soluble CalciLife SGC is an effective calcium source for beverages and presents the same favorable formulation advantages of the original CalciLife, which has a minimal phosphorous content. CalciLife offers the combined benefits of a bioactive calcium source with a prebiotic fiber scientifically proven to substantially increase calcium absorption. The plant source of calcium is gathered from the Atlantic coast of Ireland and is also comprised of magnesium, iron and a variety of trace minerals including, copper and boron. With the new soluble form available, the benefits of CalciLife can be added to an even broader array of formulations, including ice cream, shakes and beverages.

GTC Nutrition LLC

Pomegranates are the latest craze when it comes to trendy produce, and Robertet Flavors introduces a pomegranate flavor to bring this trend to other foods. Many of the country's most prominent chefs have fallen in love with this crimson beauty, adding it to everything from cocktails to desserts to salads. The inner fruit has brilliant transparent sacs filled with tart, flavorful, juicy, scarlet-hued pulp. The addition of pomegranate's refreshing sweet-tart flavor profile to your next product development venture is certain to pique customer interest. Applications include beverages, tea blends, yogurts, and more.

Robertet Flavors

While still a leading category in new food product introductions, consumer's appetite for low-fat foods has been slowly diminishing. Originally, consumers bought into the idea of reduced-fat foods, but quickly discovered that the reduction in quality was greater than the reduction in calorie and fat content. Manufacturers are discovering, however, that this doesn't have to be the case. With Benefat® from Danisco, reduced-fat foods also taste great, according to the company. And other sensory qualities, including creamy texture, less gumminess and less acidity are also greatly improved. Danisco has developed formulations for a variety of dairy-based dips and sauces. Benefat, the registered trademark for salatrim-an acronym for short- and long-chain acyl triglyceride molecules-is based on fat, tastes like fat and functions like fat, yet delivers just 5 calories per gram and 55% of the fat content of traditional fats. Benefat also contains no trans fat, no cholesterol and is Kosher.


Grande Custom Ingredients
Grande Bravo® is a line of 100% pure and natural highly versatile dairy proteins that offer both taste and cost advantages in ice cream and frozen dessert applications. Grande Bravo improves texture, smoothness and creaminess by imparting a heavy mouthfeel and clean milk-like flavor profile, according to the company. From a savings standpoint, Grande Bravo can replace up to 25% of the milk solids in an ice cream formulation. Also, because it improves the body and enhances the creamy texture and flavor, overrun can be increased so manufacturers realize additional cost savings. Other benefits include the ability to bind moisture without the use of heat, and extend shelflife by slowing the formation of ice crystals.

Grande Custom Ingredients Group

Green tea is well known for its health properties. It has traditionally been used for detoxification and overall good health. Recent studies have suggested that green tea may play a role in weight control and reducing body fat. EpiGalloCatechin Gallate (EGCG) is one of the active components of green tea. Using patented and innovative technology, DSM Nutritional Products extracts EGCG from green tea, resulting in a natural compound with an ECGC content of 94%. Unlike other common tea extracts, Teavigo is nearly colorless and does not have the bitter taste common in other green tea formulations.

DSM Nutritional Products Inc.

Using its Michtex® stabilizer, natural and artificial coffee flavor, and natural coffee flavor powder, David Michael has formulated TrimSmart™ coffee dairy beverage, a coffee-milk drink for carb-conscious consumers. An 8-oz serving contains half the net carbs of regular milk, and an even greater reduction when compared to many of the coffee-milk beverages in today's marketplace. The finished product also is high in protein thanks to the addition of whey protein.

David Michael & Co.