IPL Products
The SmartCrate™ line of hand-held, collapsible plastic containersfrom IPL Products Ltd. are returnable, collapsible containers ideal for moving perishable groceries and other products to retail as well as plant-to-plant transfers of work-in-process materials. IPL's SmartCrate series offers innovations and design features originally developed for the produce industry. These collapsible crates offer an intuitive 2-step assembly, high cube utilization, and a high return ratio, dramatically reducing handling, freight and storage costs when compared to other returnable plastic containers. Additionally, the SmartCrate are 48"x40" GMA pallet compatible and cross-stackable, as well as increased stacking strength and durability. The SmartCrate's significant advantages over traditional nestable containers extend economic viability of returnable containers into new areas such as produce, case-ready meat, and other commodities shipped to retail, as well as long distance work-in-progress shipments.

IPL Products


The MiniZETA laboratory-sized equipment line from Netzsch Inc. has been expanded to include two new non-metal versions, the MiniCer and MiniPur. The new models are designed to meet the demand for non-metal grinding. Engineered to function using the proven NETZSCH ZETA* grinding system, the MiniCer is manufactured with Zircon Oxide wetted components, the MiniPur with polyurethane wetted components. Both machines are simple to operate, compact in design and feature an adjustable position chamber for fast, easy cleaning and product changes. The MiniCer and MiniPur are both high-energy grinding systems used to reduce particles to a targeted size. They are capable of handling batch sizes down to 250 mL with a chamber volume of 150 mL. The MiniCer and MiniPur are optimized for circulation or discrete pass milling and can effectively produce nano particles using the NETZSCH patented Dynamic Cartridge System. Results achieved with the MiniZETA*, MiniCer and MiniPur can be scaled up to production-sized ZETA* Mills. The Mini Series is designed specifically for formulation development work, scientific and academic trials or small batch production. Typical applications include: Ink jet inks, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, dyes, detergents, food, additives, biotechnology and any non-metallic materials.

Netzsch Inc.

The SmartLase 110 and 130 laser codersrepresent the latest addition to the SmartLase family from Markem Corp. The coders provide an ideal balance of performance, safety and flexibility in a small package that is easy to integrate and cost effective to own. As with all coders in the SmartLase family, the 100 series coders are digital, compact, Co2 laser coders ideal for use on primary packaging such as labels, glass, and PET bottles. The 110 provides enhanced motor control for superior print quality and linear speed, while the 130 includes a compact, air-cooled 30-watt laser, perfect for companies that need increased power and small size.


A complete indoor air quality monitoring solutionis now available from Onset Computer Corp. The system, that combines the company's HOBO data loggers with the Telaire 7001 Carbon Dioxide C02 Monitor, allows plant personnel to quickly measure and record Co2 levels along with temperature and relative humidity. Applications include monitoring the performance of ventilation systems identifying combustible byproducts in plants. Like the HOBO Data loggers, the Telaire 7001 monitor is an easy-to-use battery powered device that can be used in a broad range of environments. It measures CO2 levels over the range of 0 to 2500 ppm with 10 ppm resolution and outputs data to the HOBO loggers providing stable, highly accurate C02 readings.


Aisle Master
An articulated, narrow aisle lift truckfrom Aisle-Master is said to be one of the most versatilematerial handling aids ever introduced. The 4400 lb capacity truck (24-inch load center distance) operates in narrow warehouse or factory aisles (as little as 78" width), can negotiate relatively rough, unpaved ground, and can handles gradients of up to 15%, fully laden. Aisle Master is powered by an LPG fueled 67 horsepower engine with a hydrostatic drive system. All of the main components are sourced from major suppliers for easy availability of spar parts. The tight turning radius and narrow truck width allow straight in pallet insertion and removal.

Aisle Master

Loma Systems
The AS1200C checkweigherfrom Loma Systems is designed to cost-effectively address weight control applications. The unit is being positioned as an end-of-the-line policeman and is ideally suited for companies that could not previously justify the cost of adding a checkweigher. It offers production line speeds of up to 260 feet per minute. The AS1200C has a target weight range from 12-1200 grams with accuracy of up to 0.5 grams. The unit's memory holds up to 100 product specifications. It also offers a compact footprint, and the control panel has a vacuum fluorescent, easy to use selection keys and multiple notification functions.

Loma Systems

A full line of heat guns and nozzles that eliminate the need for Shrink tunnels in typical low volume shrinking applications is available from Malcom Hot Air Systems. Malcom's Leister® Hand-Held Heat Guns offer temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees F, with adjustable air flows of 30 CFM and are available with a variety of nozzles for shrink wrapping all types of products. Built-in electronics provide overload protection. The guns can be used to replace augment the use of static heat tunnels. They also can be used for curing, laminating and drying.

Malcom Hot Air Systems

Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems from Bilt-Rite Co. Feature USDA/FDA approved white food grade PVC mats, variable speed drive guide rails and controls. The conveyors are available in horizontal belt, straight-running or side-flexing flat top chain designs and inclined models. They can be equipped with horizontal infeed and discharge sections. They are available in a wide range of belt widths and bed lengths, and in portable and stationary designs with adjustable heights.

Bilt-Rite Conveyors