A new drop band cap for non-carbonated beveragesis available from Portola Packaging, Inc. The new 38mm drop band cap, the 38-3LS, with its visible, tamper-evident drop band, is designed for use with a wide range of bottled beverage products, including dairy, water, juice and new age beverages. The 38-3LS screws off quickly and easily, leaving the drop band behind. Reusable and resealabale, the closure is designed to lock freshness in while securely preventing product leakage. The closure has been designed for use in either plug style or with a liner, and can be embossed or labeled, providing customers with additional branding opportunities. Portola offers the cap in a wide range of standard colors and custom color matches. Designed to run with a customer’s existing capping equipment, the 38-3LS has a sleek, contemporary look, and can be easily applied to either PET or HDPE bottles. The tamper-evident drop band is engineered to remain snugly in place for maximum security.

Portola Packaging, Inc.

Form fitted lines for flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are now available from B.A.G. Corp. The fill and discharge spouts are designed of these liners are designed to nest inside the bulk bag, eliminating wrinkles and pockets. Because pre-filling inflation is unnecessary, the liners can help increase efficiencies. Standard liners are made of natural colored LLDPE/ LDPE in a 3 mil gauge, and they meet FDA guidelines. Gauge, color and material options are available.

B.A.G. Corp.
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Loma Systems has launched a new Axis X3 line of X-ray inspection equipment at PACK Expo. The newline offers Loma’s AutoTrack Technology, which enables multiple, upgraded X-ray inspection capabilities at a cost reduction of up to 40% when compared to previous versions and competivie models. In addition to finding contaminants and detecting missing or broken items and incorrectly filled packages, the Axis X3 can analyze data a t higher speeds than ever before.

Loma Systems Inc.
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A double wall “day tank” system that provides primary and secondary containment in one integral space-saving unit is offered by Assmann Corp. The new IMT 25/150 is designed for storing Hazardous or corrosive chemicals inside or outside. It consists of primary inner tank and a secondary outer tank. The outer tank has 120% capacity of the inner tank, which exceeds EPA standards for secondary containment basins.

Assmann Corp.

A full line of standard and custom extruded PTFE wear strips and conveyor guides that come in a wide range of configurations is being introduced by Slideways Inc. The PTFE Wear Strips and guides feature U-channel, guide rail, j-leg, full round, half round, snap-on and chain guide profiles supplied in standard 5ft. and 10ft;. lengths. The strips are nonflammable, operate over a wide temperature range and are chemically inert.

Slideways Inc.