A new low-temperature robotic palletizerfrom A+ F Automation and Hassia, USA, allows for automated operation in temperatures as low as -30 C. The A+F Kr 180 PA Arctic Palletizer is a robotic palletizer that needs no protective suit or wrappings to operate at freezer temperatures. This allows products including ice cream and frozen pizza to be palletized at low temperature, thereby decreasing freeze-thaw damage exposure. Additionally the robotic arm generates no heat.

Hassia USA

Fogg Filler
The Fogg Fill Pro Series features new Acculift™container handling technology. Acculift is a cam-activated container lift system that eliminates traditional carousels used to transport bottles as they are filled along the circumference of the filling bowl. By integrating the lifting pedestal with the filling bowl, Acculift assures positive positioning, with more precise container/valve alignment. Acculift can be designed to incorporate one of several Fogg neck handling technologies, from neck support to the company's proprietary Neck Grip. Available in a wide range of capacities, from single serve to 5-liter containers, the Fill Pro filling system features an oversized 2-to-1, filler-to-capper transfer ratio for smoother container handling. The lube-free non-metallic gear drive is warranted for two years. Fast changeovers are achieved with tool-less change parts and segmented star wheels. Bottle feed is controlled by an adjustable timing screw requiring very little maintenance. The filling bowl and capping turret are raised and lowered electrically, with optional preset heights for fast changeover. All operations are performed from the interface panel, including product supply, CIP activation, and fault condition indication and reset.

Fogg Filler

APV, a subsidiary of Invensys plc, has reintroduced the 15MR Lab Scale Homogenizer. Simplicity of design together with associated reliability are hallmarks of these all purpose lab scale homogenizers, which employ a single-plunger, positive-displacement pump equipped with a versatile homogenizing valve assembly, specifically designed for use within a laboratory or pilot-plant. They can be used for a wide variety of end products, and are suitable even for fibrous products. The APV lab scale 15MR and 31MR homogenizers can be supplied with a single-stage homogenizing valve assembly as recommended for dispersions and cell disruption, or a two-stage valve assembly, which is preferable for emulsions. Tungsten-cobalt alloy is standard for homogenizing valves, seats and impact rings and is suitable for emulsions and many dispersions. For abrasive applications, a special tungsten carbide material is also available. Both models are available in versions that can accommodate complete wash down or sterile environments. The greatest attraction to some companies is that APV will rent a lab machine and deduct the rental payments from the purchase price. Contact your local APV Distributor or:


TTS Technologies, Inc. has recently released the FluidScan-S™ fat analyzer for sale in the United States. Manufactured specifically for the sometimes harsh dairy environments, the FluidScan-S™ analyses butter fat content while withstanding the most severe CIP processes. The FluidScan-S™ can be located on all lines that need to be monitored for mixture ratio changes or various components of the liquids. The unit can measure fat with best accuracy from 0 to 10%. Mated with a TTS processing and display unit the lab version is ideal for rapid readings of incoming milk as well as spot checks of homogenized milk during processing. A one second response time, typical of the FluidScan-S™, and an industry standard 4 to 20 mA signal output make the unit a good on-line choice for upgrading existing systems or new projects involving PLC or DCS plant controls. Typical on-line applications include: milk intake; standardization; silo monitoring; packing line control.

TTS Technologies Inc.

A-B-C Packaging Machine
The A-B-C Model 72SAgives packagers a low-cost option for upgrading their palletizing operations. The machine eliminates the need or workers to lift heavy packaged cases and relieves the risk of injury, and related costs. The operator simply positions the cases into the pallet pattern by sliding them from an in-feed conveyor to a loading table. Once the pallet layer is completed the operator simply activates the machine either by footpad or push button. The layer is automatically lifted and placed squarely upon the previous layer and the transfer table returns to the start position for the next layer. The 72SA construction incorporates a heavy-gauge steel frame, the elevator table is counterweighted to ensure smooth transport and supported by crossbar reinforcing beams for reduced friction.

It has a small footprint, for easy installation.

A-B-C Packaging Machine

Hyde Park
Osiconcept from Hyde Park Electronics LLCis a new line of photoelectric and inductive proximity sensors. These new sensors, coupled with the already successful ultrasonics, will allow Hyde Park to offer a comprehensive product line, covering all sensing needs. With breakthrough technology, Osiconcept revolutionizes the sensing experience. Osiconcept sensors have built-in technology to match any configuration and any application, making selection, installation, modification, and maintenance quick and easy. Osiconcept sensors also feature "multimode" technology, allowing a single product to perform functions found in as many as five different modes of sensors. This multimode technology makes selection and inventory management simple, while improving productivity and saving time. Hyde Park Electronics LLC, a company of Schneider Electric, is the world leader in ultrasonic sensing technology creating sensors for the real world, including ultrasonic, photoelectric, and inductive proximity sensors.

Hyde Park Electronics
937/252-2121 xt. 212

Columbia/Okura LLC
A special robotic palletizing system from Columbia/Okuraallows manufacturers to stack loose-filled bags in overlapping patterns to enhance load stability, while maintaining little or no product overhang on the pallet. Working with a specially designed end effector, the robotic palletizer can shift the product to one end of the bag, allowing the opposite "floppy" end to be overlapped during stacking. In addition to increasing load stability the overlapping prevents loads from crowning in the center. The result is that palletized loads of bagged product can be double and triple stacked for more effective use of warehouse space.

Columbia/Okura LLC

American High Performance Seals
A new line of octagonal cross-section o-rings is being introducedby American High Performance Seals. Octi-Ring™ was conceived for the demanding retrofit sealing application that traditionally would have required a high cost in labor and downtime for cutting a special sealed groove. The hardier seal also minimizes the likelihood of damage during cylinder assembly operations. The new line is offered in common and exotic seal materials and a wide variety of sizes.

American High Performance Seals