Visionaire 47 TASTE is the result of a collaboration between Visionaire and International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

This taste-film technology, developed by Biotec Films, delivers flavors to the mouth. Exotic and erotic flavors are being used as an art, detached from the food product itself.


Danisco's HI-FI, a long-life, low pH protein drink, features Danisco's Litesse® II polydextrose and Grindsted® Pectin AMD 384, and supplies approximately 25% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. Litesse II polydextrose, a 1 Kcal/g prebiotic fiber, is used to boost HI-FI's fiber level. A neutral taste profile, and stability over a pH range and under a variety of processing and storage conditions make Litesse ideal for sugar-free, low-glycemic and low-calorie applications, such as frozen desserts, confections and beverages. Grindsted Pectin AMD 384 was designed to offer the dual functionality of protein protection while delivering 50 to 75% more natural fiber per serving without increasing viscosity in low pH protein beverages.


Monsanto and The Solae Company announced an agreement to develop and market a new line of soy proteins with improved flavor and solubility. Using advanced plant breeding technology, Monsanto is developing a new soybean with higher levels of beta-conglycinin, designed to improve soy protein flavor and functionality. Soy protein is already used in many food products; as consumer demand for healthier food options increases, food manufacturers are increasingly looking to formulate products with soy protein. Scientific research has demonstrated that a diet rich in soy protein may lead to beneficial health effects, including lowered cholesterol and reduced risk of coronary heart disease. Additional studies are exploring the protein's role in other areas of human nutrition, including obesity prevention. In soy-based beverages, the ingredient improves taste and facilitates a smoother mouth feel.

The Solae Company 314/982-1314

The first product resulting from the three-year-old alliance between Novozymes and Chr. Hansen is YieldMAX™ PL, an enzyme solution made for mozzarella and pizza cheese. The top-ten US dairies produce an estimated one million metric tons of mozzarella and pizza cheese each year, and just two percent of that amounts to 44 million pounds of cheese. The potential for the new enzyme could be quite large. In general, Novozymes contributes with expertise in research, development, and production of the new enzymes, while Chr. Hansen is responsible for sales, marketing, and technical support to customers. In the coming years, the alliance will continue to work on launching more new enzyme solutions, including solutions that increase yield, or improve texture or taste in dairy products.

Chr. Hansen 800/558-0802

The Sentry SafeLock™ Aseptic Fill/Dispense System from Scholle Corp. provides an improved aseptic bag-in-the-box solution for low-acid products, which maintains aseptic properties during use. For processors, the Sentry SafeLock System aseptic fill/dispense system eliminates the need for a two fitment bag decreasing the overall package cost and providing a superior value to the customer. Suitable for use on either Scholle or competitive fillers utilizing steam, chemical/steam or chemical only sterilization, the Sentry can be easily integrated into existing aseptic filling lines. For end-users, the Sentry provides with an easy-to-use flip top fitment to which hoses and dispensing taps can be easily inserted without removing the cap from the spout. Designed to work with most dispensers, the Sentry features two distinct areas of tamper evidency. The first area, a tear-away feature, is a small circle that is ultrasonically welded which will break away if the cap has been tampered with prior to use. The second area is a membrane that is pierced by the dispensing probe keeping the product from flowing after the cap has been opened but before the pierce probe has been inserted. The Pierce Probe connector offers a means to pierce the protective membrane seal in a closed system environment while maintaining a leak proof connection. Once connected, the Pierce Probe connector cannot be removed. This feature ensures that a new, sanitary hose assembly is used with each new bag of product ensuring no cross contamination of old product.

Scholle 708/562-7290

Wilmington, Mass.-based Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. offers the ABCOR® HFK ultrafiltration spiral module series. The ABCOR HFK membranes provide exceptionally high yields for whey and milk processing as well as for other food applications. The ABCOR HFK elements use the proprietary KMS semi-permeable polyethersulfone (PES) membrane to achieve 99.8% instantaneous protein rejection, the company claims. ABCOR HFK elements are available at rated protein separations of 5,000 and 10,000 Daltons, in sizes ranging from 3.8 to 8.3 inches in diameter and 33 to 38 inches in length. They conform to 3A, USDA, and FDA guidelines.

Koch Membrane Systems

Alfa Laval has released the Gemini Series of hygienic double-wall plates. The construction of the Gemini plates, which are suitable for heating or cooling duties in sanitary industries, prevents leakage between two media. Gemini plates are available for use in Alfa Laval's FrontLine and Baseline Series of Plate Heat Exchangers. The Gemini plates consist of two sheets formed together to minimize the inter-sheet air gap, initiating heat transfer. The gap between the two sheets is in direct contact with the atmosphere and is not in contact with any of the liquids. In order not to trap any liquid between the two sheets, contact to the atmosphere is safeguarded around the periphery of the plate. A chevron plate pattern increases turbulence and enhances heat transfer. Different chevron angles provide optimal heat transfer at a given pressure drop and the distribution area provides optimal flow over the plate surface.

Alfa Laval Inc.

Tetra Pak‚ and its customer, Chef Creations, have announced the introduction of U.S. products to be packaged in a microwavable aseptic package. The three products, Alfredo Sauce, Hollandaise Sauce and a Classic Brown Sauce, were unveiled at the Worldwide Food Expo. The Tetra Wedge Aseptic Microwavable package provides brand owners with the ability to offer product quality and taste, protected ingredients, shelf stability and no need for preservatives. According to the companies, the major difference between the Tetra Wedge Aseptic Microwavable and other aseptic packaging is the ability to microwave the product directly in the package. The product is simple to use: The consumer cuts the package open along the dotted line, places it in the microwave, heats for 45-60 seconds and pours to serve. Once open, the package allows for easy viewing of the product inside so "chefs" can gauge if sauces are heated sufficiently or stir the contents and pour as needed. The packaging material is a low-resource material mainly made from paperboard, a renewable resource.

Tetra Pak

Holland, Mich.-based Fogg Company is building integrated systems featuring new Extream Clean™ technology. Extream Clean incorporates advances in sanitation and particulate control into the company's Fill Pro filling systems to address the growing demand for extended product life filling. The new integrated system takes advantage of auto sanitation and cleanroom technologies to improve hygienic environments for cold filled products. The system integrates container sanitation and rinsing with high-speed rotary filling and capping in a Class 100 HEPA enclosure. CIP technology, activated automatically or manually from the external control panel, cleans the filling bowl and valves while the bowl continues to operate. The CIP program can be activated to solution rinse the valves and contact surfaces at intervals during the production run, or rinse the bowl, valve and all contact surfaces during product changeover. The rotary filler, engineered with sanitation surfaces, is available in a range of capacities.

Fogg Company

GI is on the Bill at ORAFTI

Low glycemic index diets are favored by celebrities and nutritionists because they are linked to weight control and health benefits. Research has associated long-term high GI (glycemic index) diets with heart disease and diabetes.

Until now, sweet treats have often been off the menu for weight-conscious consumers as they tend to have a higher GI. This is because sugars, such as glucose, are absorbed into the blood quickly stimulating a large glucose and insulin response.

In a new study, funded by food ingredients companies, scientists at Leatherhead Food International created a new range of lower GI ice-creams using sugar replacers and/or oligofructose (Raftilose® from ORAFTI). These were tested in volunteers against a traditional sugary ice-cream to discover if the glycemic response improved.

Twelve healthy volunteers (5 men and 7 women, average age 31 years) ate ice creams containing 15% Raftilose® (oligofructose) or different types of sugar replacers. They also ate the traditional ice cream containing 15% sucrose (table sugar), or a glucose load. Blood levels of glucose were measured over a 2-hour period, and used to work out the glycemic response.

The Raftilose® ice cream gave a glycemic response, which was 70% lower than the glycemic response produced after eating the traditional ice cream. This lower glucose release is thought by scientists to be better for the metabolism. Commenting on the research, Dr. Anne Franck, executive vice-president Science and Technology from ORAFTI said, "Adding oligofructose instead of sucrose significantly reduced the glycemic response to eating the ice cream."

The prebiotic ingredients Raftiline® and Raftilose® can improve the nutritional profiles of a range of food and beverage products. The GI-lowering capability of Raftilose® adds to a list of technical properties, including the ability to replace dietary fat without sacrificing mouthfeel and to replace sugar without affecting taste.

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Brown Cow Trying to Catch Consumers' Eye

Farmingdale, NY-based Seal-It's new and decorative shrink labels are being used by Brown Cow Farm to launch its Lowfat Yogurt Smoothie. Two flavors, Original and Strawberry, are using the Seal-It shrink labels to provide graphics for this dairy product. The impact of a shrink label offers many graphic capabilities enabling Brown Cow to reinforce its farm image featuring the company's little brown cow, "Lily" in an eye-catching farm scene. In addition, there is room for a company description, nutrition facts and UPC code. Made of heat shrink PETG, the full body labels are reverse-printed rotogravure in 10 colors and are being used on a new 32-oz contoured container.

Seal-It, Inc