Dairy food and beverage marketers promote cultured dairy products and cheese products in free-standing inserts for the week beginning Aug. 12. Featured are Gehl Foods, Saputo, Daisy, Dannon and Ken's Foods.

Gehl Foods calls its protein smoothie beverages "the new smooth" and "yogurt bursting with creamy, fruity nutrition." The free-standing insert includes the beverages' daily value for calcium (30%) and vitamin D (25%) and features bottles of the mixed berry, peach and strawberry flavors. Readers are directed online "to find a store near you." A coupon offers a free bottle with the purchase of a bottle.

2012-08-12-Frigo.gifSaputo touts the "fresh new look" of its Frigo CheeseHeads string cheese. The FSI states the food is "high in calcium" and a "good source of protein." A QR code leads to a website for more information. Saputo includes the Make A Wish logo and instructions to "like us on Facebook."

Daisy shows its cottage cheese atop an image of blueberries and in a bowl with strawberries. It instructs shoppers to "add Daisy to the healthy foods you already enjoy." Text includes the protein content (14 grams) of a one-half-cup serving. A website offers "more healthy and delicious ideas."

Dannon promotes the 0% fat and high protein content of its Oikos nonfat Greek yogurt. A 5.3-ounce serving of the Greek yogurt contains 12 grams protein compared to 5 grams in a regular low-fat yogurt.

Ken's Food Inc. shows its chunky blue cheese salad dressing (along with others) and includes a pasta recipe that calls for one-half cup of feta cheese.