Kerrygold, an international brand of Ornua, unveiled a new global multi-channel advertising campaign.

The campaign – 'May your table always be full' – aims to illustrate the power of reconnecting with friends and family at mealtimes amid the fast-paced pressures of everyday modern life.

Kerrygold's campaign focuses on the role of the dinner table at a time when families are increasingly challenged for quality time spent together due to the demands of being constantly 'plugged in' or on the go.

The 80-second hero spot 'The Runaway' follows the poignant journey from the city to the country of the beloved family dinner table, as it searches for a new sense of place. For a brief moment, life slows down, and we see how much valuable time spent together means to families, once the table finally returns home.

"Let's face it, our tables have been hosting way too many Zoom calls over the past few years, and not enough family or friends. It's time we get back around the table, sharing more meals with the people we care about," says Josh Gross, chief creative officer at Energy BBDO. 

"'May your table always be full' is a timeless, powerful brand adage that we believe everyone can relate to," said Brian Cleere, Kerrygold global marketing director. "Kerrygold's rich tasting butter and cheese are meant to be savored and shared. This platform connects with people by reminding them of how good the little moments in life can be when you take the time to be present, cook meals with one another, and even just sit down at a table enjoying a meal, connecting with friends and family."

The Kerrygold brand has always been synonymous with bringing people together over food. Since launching over sixty years ago, Kerrygold has travelled the world, finding its place in the hearts and homes of consumers all across the globe.

The new global campaign in partnership with Energy BBDO launches in the United States Nov. 6 and comes to life in broadcast TV on networks including HGTV, TBS, Lifetime, Food Network and more, as well as online video and social and digital across Meta, Pinterest and TikTok.