Icelandic Provisions announced the debut of new Icelandic-inspired branding for its skyr, along with a new creative campaign. Through these creative updates, New York-based Icelandic Provisions said it is investing in a new brand expression that underscores its heritage, while evoking the optimistic, yet persevering Icelandic spirit.

"Icelandic Provisions has long stood for celebrating the Icelandic spirit, using traditional skyr-making methods that sustained the Vikings," said Dan Hickle, Icelandic Provisions' chief marketing officer. "While we take our process seriously, we also want to celebrate Icelandic optimism and our rich heritage in a way that invites the consumer in. Through both the new branding and creative campaign, we're bringing a piece of Iceland to consumers in an iconic and unforgettable expression."

With the creative led by award-winning agency Turner Duckworth, Icelandic Provisions' rebrand is a thoughtful interpretation of the brand's core values. Skyr is a staple of the Icelandic diet dating back to the Viking Age, and the new logo emphasizes the authenticity of the product itself and its important role in Icelandic culture, Icelandic Provisions said.

Inspired by the shape of the Viking longboat, the logo invokes a sense of strength and resilience. The boat's distinctly shallow hull is packed with provisions, with each "O" representing a Viking shield hung from the side, the brand said. Both the logo and new packaging feature a bespoke typeface that was inspired by runes — traditional Icelandic letterforms. The characters have a trailing serif that suggests the forward movement of the longboat, invoking the positive, optimistic spirit that is synonymous with Icelanders and the brand itself.

"Our ambition for Icelandic Provisions was to anchor the brand in Icelandic traditions and heirloom ingredients whilst staying true to the brand's optimism and sense of progress," said Turner Duckworth Design Director Matt Lurcock. "With the new longship logo, the rune-inspired typeface, the authentic way we're depicting ingredients and the wonderful northern-lights-like colors, the whole story is there in the design."

Through its colorful new packaging, Icelandic Provisions said it stands out among a sea of white cartons in the dairy aisle, visually setting it apart in the crowded market.

In tandem with the rebrand, Icelandic Provisions also launched a creative campaign led by award-winning Joan Creative. The campaign imagines a nostalgic and remote general store that sells traditional and whimsical Icelandic "provisions," or everything you need to "live like an Icelander." Launching with a playful spot, the campaign will extend to other executions, including additional TV executions, social and digital, Icelandic Provisions said.

"There was this viral picture going around of Icelanders playing volleyball in front of an active volcano that really inspired us. We thought, 'wow, that's the spirit we want to capture," said Lauren Costa, executive creative director for Joan Creative. "For an Icelander, nothing is too big of a challenge, and we loved the idea of a store that sold you the essentials — like Icelandic Provisions skyr — you needed to live life with that mindset."

In the launch commercial, a traditional Icelandic sweater-clad shopkeeper showcases Icelandic "staples" such as lava-proof boots, troll repellent and, of course, thick and creamy skyr, a must-have for any Icelander. The commercial features cameos by Icelandic sheep and transports viewers to Iceland, the land of fire and ice, the brand said.

Packaging featuring the new branding will be hitting store shelves starting July 27, with the commercial beginning to air online in tandem.