Plant-based dairy is experiencing rapid growth because of successful efforts to enhance the taste and texture of vegan dairy products. A&B Ingredients offers Probind TG enzymes and blends designed to improve texture and yield in dairy and non-dairy applications. Probind enzymes are functional ingredients that bind proteins, improving viscosity, texture, and creaminess in non-dairy products such as fresh cheese and yogurt. The products can increase cheese yield and improve texture in full-fat and skimmed yogurt while reducing production costs, the company says. In plant-based fermented products, Probind improves texture and viscosity without using stabilizers or texturizing additives.




Ficin from Enzyme Development is a plant-based enzyme from the latex of fig trees that has been used in various applications over the years, including meat tenderization, flavor modification, and protein hydrolysis. The company reintroduced the enzyme in 2021 and found that it provided optimal results for both cheesemaking and the production of EMCs (enzyme-modified cheeses). A recent study compared Ficin to another plant-based protease in a Fromage Blanc cheese recipe. The results showed that Ficin produced a smoother cheese with a cleaner flavor profile, the company says. Ficin is a promising new ingredient for cheesemakers looking for a plant-based alternative to animal-derived rennet.

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Developed with industry-leading biotechnology, Choozit Vintage from IFF is a starter culture for American cheddar cheese. Featuring seven rotations of blended mesophilic and thermophilic direct-to-vat cultures, it promotes savory flavor notes with no bitterness while producing highly reliable pH and texture results throughout the ripening process. With this premium range of Rapid Meso Thermo culture solutions, companies can guarantee a smooth, clean-cut texture that doesn't change from batch to batch and is free of bitterness or crumbliness, the company says.