Tomas Vera, regional director for Europe and the Americas for MADCAP, a product developed by Contec Group, a New Zealand-based company that designs, builds, and delivers smart supply chain technology for the global dairy industry, joins us for Episode 30 of the “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast to talk about dairy logistics. 

Vera is an expert in digital transformation and innovation. With more than a decade spent working for multinational dairy giant Nestlé and several others within his 20-plus year career, he brings a unique perspective on the dairy industry and its need to adopt and embrace digital innovation. 

During this podcast, Vera discusses:

  • How technology has helped make tracking of products and data easier.
  • Ways technology impacts dairy processors.
  • What trends he is seeing for companies seeking to adopt technology.
  • Artificial intelligence and how it impacts managing the supply chain.
  • How the New Zealand dairy industry is unique and how it impacts his perspective on the global market.

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