Clean Water Technology’s approach to flocculation and flotation surpasses traditional DAF (dissolved air flotation) systems, offering efficiencies while saving capital expenditures and operational expenditures. The advanced GEM System technology ensures the complete dissolution of air into 100% of the waste stream, optimizing performance and delivering results. The system ensures removal efficacy for total suspended solids (TSS), fats, oils, grease (FOG), and the suspended components of Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD/COD). The company’s Liquid Solid Gas Mixing technology uses specialized cartridges to generate energy and achieve complete air mixing throughout the entire waste stream.

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Dixon Sanitary offers its extensive range of filters and filter housings designed to meet the diverse needs of both the sanitary and industrial sectors. As a provider of filtration equipment, the company offers customers a wide array of options to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. This allows customers to find the ideal combination to meet their specific requirements. Dixon’s filters are FDA Title 21 compliant, made in the USA with strict quality control processes, and shipped in case quantities so customers have what they need, when they need it.

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Membrane care in high-fat, high-variability processes can be complicated. Companies need an effective membrane-cleaning solution that promotes food safety while protecting their membrane investment. Ultrasil 09 from Ecolab is a surfactant that lets companies eliminate NPEs completely from the membrane cleaning process, provides effective fat removal, and can improve membrane capacity and throughput.

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The Fuseal 25/50 PVDF piping system from GF Piping Systems is an engineered solution for return air plenum piping; conveyance of aggressive chemicals at elevated temperatures; and waste streams with fats, oils, and grease due to its smooth inner walls and ability to flush with very hot water. PVDF provides a very broad range of chemical resistance and thermal stability and is certified by UL 723/ASME E-84 to meet low flame spread and smoke density requirements. The Fuseal 25/50 is joined using state-of-the-art electrofusion, and the Fuseal 25/50 product line carries adapters for joining the PVDF system to the company’s Fuseal PP system or other materials, as necessary.

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Real Tech’s BOD/COD (biochemical oxygen demand/chemical oxygen demand) field meters help wastewater treatment plants gain access to organics levels with results in seconds, and no costly or hazardous reagents are required for measurement. With these instantaneous process control insights, the company’s clients are seeing a rapid return on investment and experience various benefits, such as rapid detection of events or spills; process control and optimization; improved effluent water quality, and cost savings. Advancing wastewater optimization and management, providing quick, accurate, and affordable BOD and COD measurements allow operators to take control and know what’s in their water.

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For food and beverage processing, the 10,000 Series Slot Drain from Slot Drain Systems is said to be the most durable, sanitary, and cost-effective drainage system available, according to the company. Its food-safe design is free of niches, so there are no harbor points for bacteria. The smooth drain interior with fully radius edges was designed to take cleanliness to the next level. With no grooves or seams, bacteria no longer has a place to linger and accumulate. The 10,000 Series drain is fully NSF/ANSI/3-A certified (NSF 3A 14159-1), has a heavy-duty load class rating, allowing it to handle heavy traffic or bulky machinery with ease, and comes with the company’s custom clean-in-place (CIP) system, making it easy to maintain.

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