In honor of National Dairy Month, Nelson-Jameson debuted its Dairy Art Contest.

The company is launching a countrywide creativity contest in search of the best dairy-centric art projects. The 75-year-old family-owned company aims to galvanize local communities across America to commemorate this annual tradition. Participants can submit artwork or photos that represent the contributions of the dairy industry and celebrate a love of dairy.

Judges will award points for creativity, originality, and how thoughtfully the artist incorporates the dairy theme into their artwork. Points will also be given for geographic diversity. The selected group of 12 winners will be featured in the 2024 Nelson-Jameson Dairy Art Calendar.

Established in 1937, National Dairy Month was initially called "National Milk Month," an event to promote drinking milk. This observance has expanded over the years to celebrate all the foods America's dairy farms produce, which provide nutrition and strengthen the economy.

"With so many of our employees coming from a dairy background, we know that it's the hardworking people who make all the difference in supporting this important industry," said Mike Rindy, Nelson-Jameson's President. "With the launch of the Nelson-Jameson Dairy Art Calendar, we look forward to keeping the dairy celebration going all year round."

Submissions to the Nelson-Jameson Dairy Art Contest can range from a photo of a family's favorite cheese board to a drawing of the "cutest cow" to a picture of kids eating their favorite ice cream.