Minerva Dairy, a family-owned butter and cheese producer, signed a partnership with Atalanta.

The partnership with Atalanta will allow Minerva to benefit from Atalanta’s distribution, warehouses, and sales team. In turn, Atalanta is proud to grow its portfolio of premium butter. 

Minerva Dairy has been crafting premium butter since 1894. Now fifth-generation owners Venae Watts and Adam Mueller oversee their award-winning cheeses and famous 85% Batch Churned Butter, made with farm-fresh milk, old fashion churns, high-quality ingredients, and generations of craftsmanship.

“We are very excited to partner with Minerva Dairy, together we will bring over 200 years of Dairy experience within family run companies.” said Scott Fegler, director of business and commercial development. “The synergies together are endless." 

Minerva Dairy’s signature product is their Roll Butter, which has 85% butterfat (as opposed to the commodity at 80% or European at 82%-83%). They have transformed the dairy industry with innovative flavor-infused butter, with delicious selections including Smoked Maple-wood Butter, Garlic and Herb Butter and a portfolio of R+D recipes for private label. Minerva Dairy’s milk comes from local, family-owned farms that pasture-raise their cows. The cows are allowed to graze in green, lush fields, resulting in healthier cows producing the finest milk. Fifth-generation siblings Adam Mueller and Venae Watts run the show today – they live their lives as family butter makers.

Minerva Dairy first made this announcement during a recent interview with Dairy Foods. For the complete interview, please the Processor Profile and Inside the Plant stories in the June issue.