Minerva Dairy announced it now has capacity to produce organic, oil-infused spreadable butter for co-packing, private-label, and under its own brand. The infusion of organic olive oil means a less costly butter, the certified organic label is a mark of high-quality ingredients, and the spreadable nature of the butter makes it easy to use right out of the refrigerator, stated the Ohio-based company.

Minerva Dairy can manufacture oil- or flavor-infused organic butters in various package sizes (5.5-oz and 8-oz cups and 5-lb pails) to target specific markets. It also is one of the few dairies capable of producing at scale olive oil-infused butter in 4-oz sticks — an alternative option for customers to purchase individually.   

“We’ve been making better butter and cheese for more than 129 years, and part of that means staying ahead of food trends and manufacturing innovations,” said Minerva Dairy fifth-generation co-owner Venae Watts. “We’ve seen the growing popularity of spreadable butters in grocers’ dairy cases, and the versatility of butter options in general. This expansion into organic, oil-infused spreadable butter for private-label clients and ourselves helps keep Minerva Dairy at the forefront of what customers want.”