Greek Yogurt Butter quarter sticksMinerva Dairy Inc., an Ohio processor, is manufacturing a Greek yogurt butter for Ilios Dairy Brands LLC, a marketer based in Minerva, Ohio. Launched this week, the butter is the first for Ilios, which expects to roll out more products in 2013.

Ilios Greek yogurt butter is an all-natural probiotic butter that has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no preservatives. According to the company, the Greek yogurt butter contains five live and active cultures and, compared to conventional butter has:

• 25% less fat
• 30% fewer calories
• 33% less cholesterol
• 75% less sodium

By combining rBST free cream with protein-rich strained Greek yogurt, the butter is said to be an incredibly smooth, creamy and flavorful. It is sold in a 15 ounce re-sealable tub and traditional quarter sticks in a one-pound carton. Greek Yogurt Butter

“Our goal is to offer pure and wholesome dairy foods that today’s consumer can truly feel good about putting on their family’s table. Too often, new products in the dairy category promise a healthier alternative to traditional dairy products, but achieve this through a combination of unnatural chemicals and ingredients” said Sue Delegan, Ilios Dairy Brands LLC president.

Delegan said this campaign is an “equal collaboration” with Minerva. The butter is currently available in New York City, northern New Jersey and some Wisconsin markets.

Minerva Dairy offers contract services for a wide variety of cheeses, including Cheddar, Swiss, Italian and Kosher styles.


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