St. Louis-based microcreamery Clementine's Naughty & Nice Ice Cream introduced the Zodiac Series, a new monthly flavor release with an ice cream inspired by each new season’s astrological sign.

First in the lineup is Clementine’s Aries season ice cream on Tuesday, March 21. At the start of every new astrological season, Clementine’s will introduce a flavor, highlighting the personality profiles of each of the twelve zodiac signs.  As the first 2023 Zodiac release, “Pandan” represents the fearless and confident Aries willing to try new things. Made with fresh pandan leaves from Southeast Asia in a custom sweet cream base, the brilliant green hued ice cream is as magnetizing as Aries themselves. All Zodiac releases will be available for a limited time in four-pint mix-and-match packs or in-person at Clementine’s six St. Louis-based scoop shops. 

“Our Zodiac series allows us to flex our creativity, pairing some of our favorite returning and new ice creams with our customers’ astrological signs,” says Clementine’s Founder and Flavor Temptress Tamara Keefe. “It’s a different way to connect with ice cream. We can all find a little bit of ourselves in our horoscope readings, so it will be a fun test to see if we hit the mark of your favorite ice cream flavor profiles. We chose flavor profiles that represent the characteristics of an astrological sign, like the reliability of a Virgo is reflected in the timeless flavor of an apple pie with the Baked Apple Betty ice cream.” 

 Full descriptions of the ice cream series are below:

  • Aries, Pandan ($12) | Available March 21: Aries, you are driven to be the best. Your fearlessness and optimism make you a confident leader that builds strong communities. Your dynamic energy and willingness to try anything is why we brought back the highly requested Pandan flavor! This unique ice cream flavor derived from a Southeast Asian plant is reminiscent of sweet rice and vanilla. The eye-catching color and sweet and nutty flavor profile are magnetizing, just like you.
  • Taurus, Peanut Butter Pleasures ($12) | Available April 21: Taurus, we see your preference for a luxurious lifestyle, and we get it. You have a respectable balance between being laid-back and hard-working, and we want to help make that relaxation time even more enjoyable. Our Peanut Butter Pleasures flavor is the definition of decadence. Triple dark chocolate ice cream with a swirl of creamy, rich peanut butter. We also understand your fixation on stability. Take solace in knowing that your ice cream zodiac is inspired by our best-selling chocolate ice cream flavor, so have confidence in your dessert investment. 
  • Gemini, Matcha Raspberry Sorbet ($12) | Available May 12: Gemini, you busy butterfly! Is your life so all over the place that you wish you could clone yourself? We’ve channeled the Gemini’s intrinsic duality into one sorbet with two different, yet complementary flavors: matcha green tea and fresh raspberry. The earthy matcha flavor shines with the fresh fruit pairing and makes for an irresistibly tart combination. We appreciate your adaptability to ever-changing situations, sass and being the life of the party. Cheers to you!
  • Cancer, Peachy Heat Cheesecake ($12) | Available June 16: Cancer, it might take us a while to break through your walls, but we’ll be glad when we do. Your gentle, genuine compassion makes everyone around you feel at home. Like your welcoming aura, your home is warm and inviting and serves as a sanctuary for all who visit. That’s why we are sharing a Peachy Heat Cheesecake ice cream with you. A decadent cream cheese ice cream with old school spicy peach jam that reminds us of dessert back at mom’s house.
  • Leo, Lioness ($12) | Available July 14: Leo, we respect your position as “king of the jungle” in this life. Ambitious, courageous and loyal, you serve as an inspiration for leaders. You put your entire heart into your relationships and endeavors. You have many gifts to share with the world, and you do not let anyone forget them. Enjoy your lavish lifestyle, exceed your ambitious goals, and continue to push the boundaries. We’ll play a part with our Lioness flavor, a golden milk ice cream with a Lion’s mane sweet crumble. Because what else for the kings and queens of the celestial world? 
  • Virgo, Baked Apple Betty ($12) | Available Aug. 18: Virgos are notoriously dependable and approach life with a keen sense of logic, which is why the heartwarming flavors of apple pie just make sense. Cinnamon ice cream with bits of homemade apple pie swirled in (butter crumb topping, sliced apples, and a splash of orange juice) are the most poised of flavors for the understated Virgo. 
  • Libra, Grapefruit and Orange Blossom Sorbet ($12) | Available Sept. 22: Libra, you understand the beauty in balance and harmony. Your empathy, charm and consideration make you the ultimate team player and sparks fly when you are paired with the right partner. The two unsuspecting partners right now? Grapefruit and orange blossom. The balance between tart and sweet citrus will leave your taste buds tingling for more. You tend to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and this flavor that tastes like a smile on a summer day, is a treat you’ll come back to again and again.
  • Scorpio, Pomegranate Sorbet ($12) | Available Oct. 30: Scorpio, you have a sharp edge in the best way. You value authenticity, commitment, and are always several steps ahead of others. You are a magnetic force that appears calm yet are intensely emotional and intuitive underneath the surface. What may look simple and plain from the outside is teeming with intrigue and zest. It’s the same situation when inspecting a pomegranate, which serves as a metaphor for the Scorpio experience. We present Pomegranate Sorbet, a sweet and sour ice cream that’s simple yet zippy and impressive. 
  • Sagittarius, Peppermint Crush (Candy Cane Lane) ($12) | Available Nov. 3: Sagittarius, you were born to explore and uncover the secret knowledge of the universe. Your free-ranging nature, passion and curiosity inspired us to look at an ancient plant associated with mystical healing powers and valuable flavoring. The result? Peppermint Crush: a minty, cool peppermint ice cream sprinkled with peppermint candy and dark chocolate flake. Grab a spoonful of this refreshing ice cream and dive into the history of botanicals in food, engage in a philosophical conversation with friends or jump to one of your several other current interests. 
  • Capricorn, Cranberry Pistachio ($12) | Available Dec. 22: Capricorn, no need to be so serious. You appreciate structure and order as you set out to accomplish your goals, and strangers may see only your serious and confident persona. But we know about your secret wild side. You value structure, but love to add adventure and spontaneity occasionally. It’s why we’ve taken a classic, pistachio, and added a tart swirl of cranberry with graham cracker crumble sprinkled throughout for you. Make sure to take a break from your hardworking lifestyle to enjoy a moment of joy.
  • Aquarius, Iced Mocha Sorbet ($12) | Available Now: Aquarius’ innovative and dominant mindset needs a caffeinated match. The Iced Mocha Sorbet is a robust touch of espresso, balanced with rich chocolate and a touch of sweetness.
  • Pisces, Vegan Mint Chip ($15) | Available Now: Pisces love to teeter between the line of fantasy and reality. A crisp spearmint and peppermint coconut milk-based ice cream, swirling with pieces of dark mint chocolate bar is the perfect combination to a gentle adventurer.