Miyoko's Creamery is launching its Foodie Truck Tour, offering a menu of vegan dishes made with Miyoko’s cheese and butter. These offerings include cajun street corn and orzo aglio e burro made with European-Style Cultured vegan butter, margherita pizza made with their first-of-its-kind liquid cheese, caprese salad with fresh plant milk mozzarella, gourmet cheese plates featuring Double Cream Chive, Black Ash and Herbs de Provence cashew milk cheese, among other crave-worthy bites.

The truck is making stops in the Californian Bay Area, Southern California and Arizona, before wrapping up the tour in Austin, Texas in early November. 

Founded by plant milk cheesemaker Miyoko Schinner, Miyoko’s Creamery is working to bring plant milk cheese and butter to the mainstream by crafting award-winning products through time-honored techniques and the finest ingredients. Miyoko’s portfolio includes European-Style Cultured vegan butter, artisan cheese wheels, liquid mozzarella specifically crafted for pizza, cream cheese, and more. The Creamery is at the forefront of using plant milk to craft cultured dairy products, resulting in cheese and butter that have rich, complex flavors and high-quality performance. A favorite amongst chefs, pizzaiolos, bakers, and home cooks alike, Miyoko’s Creamery products can be used in recipes ranging from wood-fired pizza, cheesecake, brown butter mushrooms, and much more. 

“As a brand rooted in craft and compassion, Miyoko’s is on a mission to share culinary-inspired dishes featuring our products with the masses, proving how simple and delicious eating plant-based can be. Our Foodie Truck Tour is one memorable way we’re doing that,” says Miyoko’s Chief Marketing Officer Rusti Porter. “We’re excited for the rest of the world to see what our phenomenally vegan community has known for years — that our cheeses and butter are great for anyone seeking more sustainable gourmet food choices that don’t compromise on delicious taste or quality.”